Why makeup with skincare benefits is trending

The ‘make-up as skincare’ trend is in the news for all the right reasons. After all, these products incorporate ingredients that one might find only in a high-tech serum. Also, they are toxin-free, contain natural actives, and help reduce the number of skincare steps.

“Consumers are now more conscious of the choices they make in all aspects of their lives. Personal care has seen a heavy shift towards more organic, natural and sustainable choices,” says Ghazal Alagh, co-founder and chief innovation officer, Honasa Consumer Pvt. Ltd (parent company of Mamaearth, a natural beauty products brand). “While most of us think extensively about toxins and chemicals in the things we use, how often do we question the cosmetic products? Particularly since we use these on a daily basis and on sensitive areas, such as eyes and lips. In fact, we often ingest them too, especially lipsticks. This was the consumer challenge that got us to venture into toxin-free cosmetics.”

Jigeesha Sarvaiya, founder and CEO of Trudiance, couldn’t agree more. “Our research found that the most common concern was whether regular use of make-up products would harm the skin. Another aspect was the number of steps involved in complete skincare and make-up routines, and how that may not be convenient always,” says Sarvaiya. Trudiance introduced hybrid products to address these concerns. “For instance, the hyaluronic acid in our creme lipsticks and serum foundations instantly hydrates the skin and boosts collagen levels. We’re making beauty routines more convenient and enjoyable while also minimizing consumption,” says Sarvaiya.

Mamaearth has introduced a new make-up range that comes with features such as longlasting, smudge-proof, and benefits of natural ingredients such as vitamin C and E, avocado oil, castor oil and chamomile. “We are adding an element of care in each product. For instance, our glow serum foundations are hydrating in nature along with giving full coverage. Similarly, lip serums (liquid lipsticks) are hydrating and nourishing in nature while having an 11-hour stay and deeply pigmented,” says Alagh.

If organic beauty is the future, could ayurveda wisdom be far behind? “There are many natural ingredients and pigments that have the same pay-off as artificially created colours. No wonder the industry is looking to evolve make-up formulations to have additional skincare benefits. As an ayurveda brand, we worked towards creating formulations based on ayurvedic recipes, using organic ingredients,” says Dr Ipsita Chatterjee, ayurveda expert and technical head, SoulTree. Their most popular offering, kajal, is made through a 3,000-year-old ayurveda process. “We use organic ghee for its soothing effect on the eyes, camphor for natural cooling and cleansing, and organic almond oil and natural pigments,” says Chatterjee. Lipsticks and lip glosses are enriched with organic ghee and almond oil that keep your lips soft, smooth and hydrated. The ayurvedic mascaras help lengthen and nourish eyelashes while the ayurvedic BB creams are herb infused.

However, it is important to understand one’s skin type before using any make-up. “That’s the first and most critical step as it defines how the make-up will look and how long it will stay. Always look for smudge-proof kajal and eyeliner given the hot and humid weather in India. Opt for smudge-proof lipstick too so that it does not run off the lip line giving an untidy look,” says Alagh. Most importantly, spend time understanding your skin type, skin tone and undertones to accentuate your natural self.

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