Why It’s the Best Pillow We’ve Tested

Upgrading your bedding can be an expensive undertaking with many of the best pillows costing hundreds of dollars. The Good Housekeeping Institute Textiles Lab rated the Coop Home Goods Original Pillow as the best overall pillow out of the hundreds we’ve tested — and it costs just $70 for the Queen size.

GH Fiber Scientists have tested countless pillows in the Lab and recruited hundreds of consumer testers to try them out in their homes, leading to thousands of data points to analyze to determine which styles are worth buying. After all of these extensive evaluations, the Coop Home Goods Original Pillow continues to have the highest overall score even against styles that cost three times its price.


What is the Coop Pillow?

Coop Home Goods

Original loft pillow

Coop Home Goods


Although Coop Home Goods offers multiple pillow styles, the Original Pillow is the brand’s most popular style, and it’s often referred to simply as “the Coop Pillow.” It’s a hybrid pillow filled with a combination of memory foam pieces and microfiber clusters for the ideal balance of plushness and support. The outer cover is made from a blend of viscose rayon and polyester for a soft feel, and the fill is kept in place with an inner mesh liner. It’s GREENGUARD certified with CertiPur-US certified foam, meaning it has been tested to ensure it’s made without ozone depleters, flame retardants, certain heavy metals and formaldehyde and has low VOC emissions.

The height of the pillow is entirely adjustable, so it’s great for all sleeping positions. Unlike most pillows made with memory foam, the Coop is entirely machine washable. Just make sure to take the cover off then put both the cover and inner pillow into the washing machine. It can also be placed in the dryer on low.

Coop Home Goods Original Pillow specs:

  • fill: Memory foam pieces and microfiber clusters
  • Size options: Queen and King
  • Care: Machine washable (fill and cover separately), tumble dry low
  • Suitable sleeping positions: Alles

    How We Test Pillows

    GH Fiber Scientists have tested hundreds of pillows in Lab with hundreds more consumer testers trying them at home, leading to thousands of data points. GH pros have found the best pillows for every sleeping position: side, back and stomach, and for every fill preference: down, down alternative, memory foam, latex and more.

    In the Lab, our pros first evaluate each pillow’s care label to see how easy they are to clean (PSA: some are not machine washable!), then we wash them five times to see whether they’ll actually hold up to laundering. We also look at how well they fit into a pillowcase and we perform support and recovery tests that mimic the pressure from your head lying on it all night: A weight is left on the pillow for an extended period then we measure how quickly it returns to its original shape.

    Consumer testers try out each pillow to give in-depth feedback about comfort, support, temperature regulation and more. Each tester sleeps on the pillow for a few weeks before giving both scored and open-ended responses.

    a coop home goods original pillow with two weights on top of it as part of good housekeeping's coop home goods original pillow review
    Weights on top of the pillow mimic real-life use. After the weights are removed, analysts time how long it takes for the pillow to return to its original shape.

    Emma Seymour

    Coop Pillow Performance

    Initial impression:

    Right out of the box, the pillow began to take its shape and emitted a slight off-gassing smell from the memory foam pieces in the fill. The brand recommends putting the pillow in the dryer with a dryer sheet to help dissipate the smell. The pillow comes with extra fill, so you can add additional height to your preference. GH Lab pros note that this process can be a bit messy and we found it easier to store the extra fill in a resealable bag for future use.

    Lab testing:

    GH Lab analysts were blown away at how well this pillow performed in every single Lab test. It had a perfect score for ease of use and performance, meaning it fit perfectly in a standard size pillowcase and returned quickly to its original shape after weights were applied. Analysts appreciate that this pillow gives you the option to wash both the cover and fill. We washed this pillow’s cover and fill five times and assessed if it showed signs of shrinkage or changes in appearance. While this pillow did not shrink, the cover did show very slight fuzziness and pilling after five washes. GH Textile experts recommend always using a pillowcase to extend the life of your pillows.

    pillow and cover in a washing machine to test coop home good original pillow review
    Lab analysts wash the Coop Home Goods Original Pillow fill and cover separately in the washing machine five times before giving final comments on shrinkage and changes in appearance.

    Emma Seymour

    Tester notes:

    With a near-perfect overall score from testers, this pillow was popular for every sleeping position. Testers unanimously said it was better than the pillows they previously used and that it helped improve their sleep quality, waking up with no neck pain or soreness. One tester described it by saying “it wraps around my head and I sink into it,” while another told us she was “able to comfortably switch from side to back to stomach and still feel supported and comfortable.” You know it’s a really great product when GH Analysts also use it in their own homes with one saying that it “perfectly cradles my neck for ultimate support even after years of use.

    The bottom line: Is the Coop Home Goods Original Pillow worth it?

    Based on thousands of data points, GH Fiber Scientists can confidently say: absolutely! Although there isn’t a magical pillow that works for everyone — that’s why we test so many to help you find the right pillow for you — the Coop Home Goods Original Pillow aced Lab testing and had a near-perfect score from testers for offering excellent support while still having a plush, cozy feel. Lab analysts have also tested Coop Home Goods Eden Pillow, which is very similar to the Original style, but the memory foam is infused with cooling gel to offer additional cooling benefits for hot sleepers. Plus, the brand offers a 100-day return window, so you can confidently try it out for yourself!

    Buy the Coop Home Goods Original Pillow

    Other Coop Home Goods Product Options

    In addition to the Coop Home Goods Original Pillow, the brand offers a variety of other bedding products that’ll help make your home even cozier.

    Why trust Good Housekeeping?

    Emma Seymour is the senior textiles analyst at the Good Housekeeping Institute. She has rigorously tested more than 100 pillows in the Textiles Lab in the past two years, and she has coordinated pillow sleep testing with hundreds of at-home reviewers. Emma has a Bachelor of Science in Fiber Science from Cornell University and has been testing bedding for more than three years at Good Housekeeping.

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