Why Fermented Skincare Is Your Next Beauty Obsession

Let’s admit it: In the world of skincare, it’s hard to keep up with all the latest trends. It seems like there’s always a new cure-all product, acid, or natural remedy meant to solve all your skincare woes, from acne to dry skin to fine lines. Thus, I was both intrigued and overwhelmed when I discovered that there’s a world of skincare that I had yet to learn about: Fermented beauty. Having only understood fermentation in terms of kombucha, alcohol, and science experiments, I turned to acclaimed (and Instagram famous) dermatologist Dr. Lindsey Zubritsky.


What Is Fermented Skincare?

“Fermentation is a term we are all familiar with―it’s the same process used to create kombucha and kimchi,” she explained, “but it is also used in the skincare world to make highly effective ingredients and products. As it relates to skincare, fermentation breaks down natural molecules and makes them smaller, so it’s easier for them to absorb deeper into your skin’s surface. With an increase in bioavailability and smaller molecule size, all the skincare ingredients used in fermented skincare and their benefits are significantly amplified.”

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