Why Cult Favorite Skincare Brand Vintner’s Daughter Is Actually Worth The Hype

If you have any interest in skincare and clean beauty… or Gwyneth Paltrow… or wine, there is no doubt that you have heard of Vintner’s Daughter. Launched almost 10 years ago: Vintner’s single product, the Active Botanical Serum, quickly gained cult status thanks in part to a ringing endorsement by Gwyneth herself. Personally, I place myself firmly in the “all of the above” category of interests previously listed, but I am also a skeptic when it comes to buzzy products. Especially when there’s a celeb involved (how much do they ACTUALLY know?) and especially when the price tag is high.

However, there’s no denying Vintner’s Daughter’s ongoing and growing popularity, especially after the brand launched its second product in 2019, The Active Treatment Essence. So, when I had the chance to sit down with the founder of Vintner’s Daughter, April Gargiulio, I jumped at the chance to find out just what (if anything) makes this stuff so special.

Where does the name come from?
I grew up in Napa, and my father was a winemaker. His motto was “If you want to make the best, don’t take shortcuts.” When I was pregnant, I started realizing how cheaply made everything was and I wanted to change that.

What is so different about Vintner’s Daughter?
We believe that skin and plants speak the same language, so working with true ingredients is like eating an orange vs taking a vitamin: your body processes it much more efficiently. Our products expire 18 months after they’re opened, because they are not synthetic. Everything is crafted with optimal ratios of ingredients so that you can buy and use fewer, better, products. You’ll still want maybe a sunscreen and a cleanser, but otherwise you don’t need much beyond our Active Botanical Serum and Active Treatment Essence.

What are some of the superstar ingredients and how did you find them?
Alfalfa dandelion and nettle, which are foods of life in Ancient Greek texts. Old communities still show these 3 greens as a large part of their diet. We sourced our Tamanu from Madagascar.

We researched many ancient philosophies from Eastern practices and herbalism to appalachia, to see where the overlap was, then tracked down the most popularly reliable ingredients. And we worked with the world renowned herbalist, Rosemary Gladstar, who was instrumental in creating our product and very inspiring.

Is it safe for use in pregnancy? And sensitive skin?
Yes! Our products take 3-5 weeks vs the average 6 hours to produce. They are all whole plants and active ingredients that are great even for acne prone skin, or temperamental skin during pregnancy. Linoleic acid cleanse out pores while being gentle for mama and baby.

Who’s Vintner’s Daughter best for in terms of age or skin type?

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