Those who sit for so long in a day may be at risk of death!

Be it office work or studies, in today’s time, most of the people are sitting in front of the computer screen for a long time. By doing this, people start having many physical problems. Now, according to a study recently published in the British Medical Journal, people who sit for more than 9.5 hours a day have an increased risk of death. Pain and stiffness in the neck, back, knee, shoulder, hip, and lower back begin to occur. In fact, some people use comfortable furniture to avoid the problems caused by sitting for a long time, while some people resort to stretching and exercise. However, experts say that if someone sits on the commuter in the right way or in the posture, then he can avoid these problems. Today we are going to tell you the right way to sit at the computer desk.

Proper sitting posture – Inclined shoulders, bent neck and curved spine, all of these are the wrong ways to sit on a computer desk. Sitting like this for a long time can cause pain in the body, worsening the posture, injuries to the spine, causing depression, and slowing the metabolism. To avoid these problems, one should sit with the right posture and pay attention to the height of the desk and chair to sit properly on the computer.

When sitting on the commuter desk, make sure that the height of the chair is so that your feet touch the floor and at an angle of 90 degrees can be formed towards the back of the knee. Always stick the hips to the back of the chair. The neck should always be in the line of the spine so that the neck should not be bent down to see the screen. If the screen is 1-2 inches above the eye, then it will also be correct. Always sit at least 20 inches away from the computer screen. Place the shoulders in a relaxed position and don’t keep them leaning forward or backwards. According to the expert, the commuter should never sit in front of the screen for a delay of more than 30 minutes and get up from the front of the screen for a while after every 30 minutes.

Sit on a comfortable chair It is always important to sit in the right and comfortable chair while working on the computer. The chair should always be comfortable, supportive, and adjustable. In fact, the chair should always have a backrest (back support) which supports the upper and lower back. With this support, the spine remains in the curve and for this buy ergonomically designed chairs, which are made specifically for deck seating. Keep in mind that the chair should always have functions that adjust its height, the armrest height and the backrest. Your chair should have a headrest (the part supporting the head). Along with this, there should be comfortable padding in the chair, so as to be comfortable while sitting.

Exercise and stretching: After sitting for some time, there is stiffness in the lower back, shoulder, etc. Due to this, the commuters can also do some exercises and stretching sitting on the desk. By doing this, you will not feel tired and there will be no stiffness in the muscles. Also, it can change the posture of the mouse sitting in the wrong position. If the position of the mouse remains wrong for a long time, it will force you to step forward or move the hands far away, so do not keep the mouse too far away but keep it near the keyboard.

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