This anti-hair fall line is postpartum-approved

Here’s a fact you’ll probably never forget upon reading it: between 50 to 100 strands of hair fall from your head Every. Single. Day. Hair fall can happen for a variety of reasons—including breakage and weakened roots, which can be the result of brushing, styling and more.

Here’s what’s crucial to remember: This amount of hair fall is totally natural, but it’s also still ok to wonder what you can do to strengthen and support your hair (who likes seeing multiple strands float down the shower drain, after all?). Enter iconic French brand Kérastase’s beloved Genesis and brand-new Genesis Homme lines, two researched-backed ranges that have been clinically proven to reduce hair fall for both men and women in six weeks of consistent use. Formulated with super potent ingredients, like renewing ginger root and resilience-boosting edelweiss stem cells, the lines include an array of products that let you customize your own regimen, regardless of your lifestyle, hair type and degree of hair fall. The brand’s goal is simple: They want you to not only feel confident and empowered, but also to remind you that you never have to be afraid of falling.

To put these products to the test, The Kit has teamed up with three Canadian content creators to try out the ranges and share their honest thoughts. Up last is Rini Frey (@ownitbabe), who documents her parenting and self-love journey alongside her husband Shaun (@ownitdad). Here’s what she had to say.

Rini, what is your main hair concern?

“Postpartum hair loss (which has mostly been resolved), dry scalp, dry ends and breakage.”

How has your hair routine changed since becoming a parent?

“I have to be more efficient with the little time I get to myself these days, which means I need to rely on high quality products that make styling easy. I like to style my hair every day—it gives me so much confidence—but I usually take no longer than 10 minutes to style it, unless it’s a hair wash day, which is usually twice a week. That’s when I take the time to do a hair mask, and style it for the days to come.”

As a parent, what do you look for in your hair care products?

“Brands and products that I trust, plus high-quality ingredients that are gentle on my hair, yet make it feel soft and look healthy and shiny.”

Were there any significant changes you noticed in your hair after becoming a parent? If so, how did you address these changes?

“I went through a period of hair loss postpartum, which was difficult. My hair was always a big part of my identity, so I tried to address it right away. I actually used the Genesis Anti-Breakage Fortifying Treatment Ampoules and other products from the Genesis range, and it helped so much in regrowing my hair and getting my hair health back. I also make sure to take a supplement with iodine and zinc to encourage hair growth and thickness. I have found that ever since I went through hair loss, I pay that much more attention to the products I use so I can make sure my hair is well taken care of and healthy.”

Kérastase Genesis is meant to create radiant, amazing hair and help make people feel their most confident. What does “never be afraid of falling” mean to you?

“It reminds me of the quote ‘fall down seven times, get up eight’—it’s resilience and self love. That’s kind of what my hair did postpartum. It all eventually came back, it just needed a little bit of self care each day.”

After using the Genesis products, what immediate changes did you notice in your hair?

“My hair is soft, shiny and feels healthy and strong.”

What did you love most about the products?

“I can trust that I will always have a good hair day! To me, it’s the equivalent of a good skincare routine, I know that the ingredients are good for my hair and it shows!”

Was there one product that stood out from the rest? If so, what was it?

“I truly love them all, but if I had to pick, I would probably pick the Défense Thermique blow dry fluid. Since I use a lot of heat on my hair, this product is my go-to to protect it from heat damage, reduce breakage and protect against humidity. I find a lot of heat protectants can feel heavy on my hair, this one feels light, smells amazing and delivers great results. I noticed the reduction of breakage after the first use!

Kérastase Genesis Defense Thermique, $49, Photo: Kerastase

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“Shaun loves the molding clay and is very excited about the Genesis Homme serum. He is a new Kérastase user, but is already super happy with all the products and says that they make his hair feel really healthy. Since he is struggling with thinning hair, he’s looking forward to the long-term effects of the serum and thickness boosting spray.”

Kérastase Genesis Homme Sérum Anti- Chute Fortifiant, $80, Photo: Kerastase

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Who would you recommend the products to?

“Anyone who is looking to take their hair care to the next level. It’s great for hair that is prone to dryness, brittleness, thinning, breakage or in need of a moisture boost.”

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