These Eye Makeup Mistakes Add Years To Your Face, According To Makeup Artists

Makeup gives us the power to highlight all of our best features and conceal the things we would rather not show off; for this reason, perfecting your technique is one of the best ways to effectively achieve a more youthful appearance. However, veering in the wrong direction can result in the opposite outcome and age you instantly—especially when it comes to eye makeup.

In order to figure out the worst eye makeup mistakes to steer clear of if you want to avoid an older look, we spoke to professional makeup artist Alyssia Chang of Prevail Beauty. Chang pointed out three common pitfalls that can add years to your face if you’re not careful: applying too much eyeliner, failing to blend your eyeshadow, and wearing the wrong amount of mascara.

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1. Applying Too Much Eyeliner

While thick eyeliner can sometimes seem like just the right amount of drama to take your look to the next level, Chang says applying too much is a major no-go for anyone who wants to avoid looking older. “I see this so often when women apply too much thick eyeliner on the top eyelid, bottom lash line, and waterline,” she says. “As the eyes mature, it can weigh the eyes down and make them look tired.”

You may be tempted to go all out by applying eyeliner to each of these areas, but to avoid overdoing things, Chang suggests sticking to just one or two of these techniques. “That way it isn’t overwhelming and looks more like an enhanced eye frame,” she explains. Perfect!


2. Not Blending Eyeshadow Enough

It’s always important to properly blend out your eyeshadow, but this is especially crucial if you want to maintain a youthful look. “When you wear eyeshadow and don’t take the time to properly blend the eyeshadow lines, it can look outdated and make the eyes appear to droop,” Chang warns.

For the best blending technique, she recommends using a rounded blending brush in small back and forward motions in order to soften the edges of your eyeshadow. “This will instantly make the eyes look more awake and lifted,” Chang encourages. Who wouldn’t want that?


3. Too little or too much mascara

Mascara is such a powerful tool when it comes to accentuating your eyes. However, one wrong mistake could instantly age you—and that includes wearing too much or too little of it. “If you apply too much mascara, the result can be a thick, clumpy old formula eyelash look,” Chang notes, adding that this error “instantly creates shadow and darkness that can make the eyes age instantly. On the other hand, though, going too easy on the mascara can result in “not lifting the lash frame enough” and may lead to eyes that look “unfinished.”

For the best possible outcome, Chang says using the right type of mascara is crucial. “Use a volumizing, non-expired (2 to 3 months of exposing the mascara to air), non-clumping wand mascara,” she instructs. Perfecting your technique is also important: “Apply 2 coats of mascara starting from the roots, using a left to right motion while rotating the wand upwards.” Got it!

BONUS TIP: Highlighter Eyeshadow

If you steer clear of all of these eye makeup pitfalls, you should be well on your way to a youthful appearance. But there’s one more tip Chang has to offer that can really seal the deal. “To make your eyes look instantly younger, apply a highlighter eyeshadow right in the center of the eyelid,” she says. “This is a quick way to lift the eyes and my favorite anti-aging hack!” Love it! We can’t wait to try it out.


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