Therabody TheraFace Pro Facial Device Review

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Skin-care tools are having a major moment right now. From microcurrent devices to LED light wands and masks to all of the face rollers, there are so many options available. But even as a devoted skin-care lover and beauty writer, I’m really bad at incorporating them into my routine in a consistent way. That is, until I started using the Therabody TheraFace Pro, a facial device that offers eight treatments in one tool.

ICYDK, Therabody is a brand known for its percussive therapy tools that help soothe sore, aching muscles on the body. Ever tried a massage gun? Well, the Therabody TheraFace Pro is essentially that massage gun feeling, but on your face — and with the addition of other skin-care benefits. Considering my intrigue and curiosity, when the brand offered me a chance to try out the device for free, I knew I had to give it a shot. After using it for about a month, it’s safe to say that this facial device has become a regular part of my weekly routine, and will be for good — here’s why.

When I first received the TheraFace Pro facial device, I was overwhelmed by how high-tech it looked. It also came with numerous parts: Every device includes three percussive attachments (a cone-shaped one, a pointed one, and a flat surface top), a microcurrent ring, an LED light therapy ring that offers red, blue, and infrared lights, a cleansing ring, a tube of conductive gel to be used with the microcurrent attachment, and everything you need to charge the device. I was also gifted the hot and cold rings, which are sold separately.

After trying all of the attachments, I can attest that the microcurrent device is amazing for giving your face a lifted and sculpted appearance (which I truly appreciate as someone with an undefined jawline), while the cleansing device is nice when you want an extra deep clean.

That said, the attachment that really sold me on the device is the flat top percussive head, which is designed to be used in tandem with the LED light therapy ring. For some background, LED light therapy is a non-invasive treatment that utilizes different hues of light to target a number of skin concerns. This device offers a blue light setting to help reduce the appearance of mild to moderate acne, a red light setting to help with signs of aging like wrinkles and fine lines, and a red infrared light, which offers the same benefits as the red light but with an additional warming sensation.

The first time I used the device, I set it to the blue light setting because I had small hormonal breakouts. Once I turned it on, the percussive flat top started to pulse in small rapid movements. I moved the tool around my face, beginning from my chin, going up along my jawline, around my cheeks and eyes, and on my forehead. The sensation of the rapid, pulsing movements takes some getting used to; it kind of tickles, especially when you move closer to your ears. I wouldn’t necessarily say the sensation itself is relaxing, but the magic that happens after is game-changing. Immediately after using the tool for only a couple of minutes, my face felt loose, relaxed, and as if my facial muscles just took a big sigh of relief I didn’t know they needed. I was in awe.

The brand says that the percussive heads are supposed to help with jaw clenching, pain, and irritation, but I didn’t even realize that this was something I struggled with until after I tried it for myself and felt all the tension and tightness melt away . This discovery, along with the results I saw from the percussive attachment heads, is huge reason why this tool has become a regular part of my routine. Now, on a particularly stressful day, I find myself craving the sensation of the facial massage and the immediate relief that follows.

In addition to the percussive attachment, another favorite of mine is the hot ring. Not only does it feel like a soothing, warm hug on your face, but it also helps lift and sculpt. When I pass the tool across my cheekbone, working my way up towards my temple, I notice a subtle contoured definition that wasn’t there before. Plus, it helps reduce tension and pain, which is why I like to use it after the percussive head, and it even increases blood flow to the face. I love to use the hot tool as I’m unwinding in the evening while watching TV, and the best part is that I wake up with a healthy-looking glow the next morning thanks to the increased circulation.

When I’ve tried to add skin-care tools into my beauty regimen in the past, it felt like an unnecessary hassle, but the Therabody TheraFace Pro has completely elevated and improved my skin-care routine. I love that I can customize it depending on my skin’s needs, which are always changing depending on stress levels and weather. I genuinely look forward to using it, and while I know it does cost a pretty penny, in my opinion it’s so worth it. Anything in the same of self-care, right?

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