Sustainable Skincare Tips for the Outdoor Adventurer


One of the unfortunate ironies of spending a lot of time outdoors is that, while all around a healthy thing, it can take a toll on your skin. No matter the season or the location, the elements leave their mark over time. The sun can age and damage skin; wind can leave it chapped and dry; and western climates, with a lack of humidity, can remove precious oils from the skin’s surface, leaving it vulnerable. If you spend most of your free time outdoors—and we know you do—you must take your skincare seriously.

“Year-round priorities for day-to-day skin care for those who spend a good deal of time outdoors include protection from the damaging effects of sun exposure and protection of the skin’s barrier from the effects of climate,” says Peter Young, MD , a dermatologist, and medical director at Facet. “Cold air outside, hot air inside, and dry air throughout can wreak havoc on your skin’s barrier in the winter, and lead to dry, itchy skin.”

At the same time, if you love the outdoors, you want to do your part to keep it healthy. That means seeking out skincare with the environment in mind, too. Products made of clean, nourishing ingredients, free of synthetics, that reduce their impact on the planet are the way to go. Here’s how to ensure you’re not only caring for your outdoors-exposed skin, but incorporating sustainability into your skincare routine, as well.

think clean

It’s an unfortunate truth that many of the skincare products on the market contain ingredients you probably don’t want on or in your body. Become a label reader and pay attention to what’s in the formulas you’re considering. Aim for natural, simple ingredients, and avoid synthetics you might commonly encounter, like sodium lauryl sulfate, triclosan, formaldehyde or alcohol.

There has been good scientific data in recent years to support the use of natural skincare ingredients,” says Young. “In addition to their role in the management of various dermatologic diseases (eg, eczema, psoriasis and acne), natural ingredients are also being used for anti-aging purposes and to reduce sun damage. The benefits of these ingredients may include anti-inflammatory and antioxidants effects, as well as collagen renewal.”

Think sustainable

Just as many commercially available skincare products are chock full of ingredients you might not want on your skin, so too can their manufacturing and packaging harm the planet. “Skincare ingredients and the processing of skincare products and their packaging can have a significant impact on the environment,” says Young. “The products you choose could be subjecting you and the environment to potentially toxic chemicals and unregulated formulas.”

Do a little digging when considering the companies who make your skincare products. Look for an environmentally friendly approach and/or certified B-corporation status. Being a conscious consumer can make a difference in the planet’s long-term health.

Skincare That Puts it All Together

With the launch of its new skincare line, Reed + Gwen, Avocado (makers of the Avocado Green Mattress) has introduced products that check all the important boxes

The Reed + Gwen products are clean: They are safe, non-toxic and don’t contain potentially dangerous chemicals—the fragrances are all natural. Think plant-based formulas, like chamomile flower, avocado oil, lavender, cedar, and citrus. Straight from the earth and onto your body, leaving nothing to chance.

The skincare line also has the earth in mind. Parent company Avocado Green Brands is a certified B corporation, dedicated to striking the right balance between purpose and profit. It’s carbon negative, and measures, reduces, and offsets its emissions. Reed + Gwen products are vegan, and the packaging is made with 100 percent renewable energy.

Taking this a step farther, the Reed + Gwen line contains little to no water in its formulas. This serves two purposes—it keeps the ingredients as nutrient-dense as possible, and helps the company stick to its sustainability goals.

Being outdoors can do a number on your skin, but with the right products, you can treat it well—and take care of the planet at the same time by choosing products that are created, packaged, and shipped with a minimal footprint. Plus, Avocado Green Brands partners with 1% for the Planet and donates one percent of revenue from its Reed + Gwen line to support the non-profit’s efforts to provide safe drinking water worldwide.

Avocado is redefining what it means to be a sustainable, ethical brand. As a Certified B-Corp, their vision is as urgent as it is aspirational — a world united by sustainability and social responsibility. They practice radical transparency across all brands including Avocado Mattress, Reed + Gwen’s clean skincare and Hass’s responsible fashion.

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