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ST. GEORGE—With a mixture of energy work and esthetician services, a St. George woman has created a magical business that offers healing from the inside out.

Jamie Tyler, Reiki Master and Esthetician, stands in her home studio, May 22, 2022, St. George News | Photo by Jessi Bang, St. George News

Jamie Tyler, an “energy esthetician,” said she’s always been gifted with the ability to heal others through energy, even before she became fully aware of her gifts. She found the rare opportunity to combine her energy abilities with her esthetician services – a path she was led down after her own eye-opening experience with skin cancer.

Tyler said she “baby-oiled it up” as a teen and tanned rooftops or anywhere she could get the most amount of sun exposure to create the deepest tan. In her late 30s, she found out she had Basal Cell Carcinoma. After her terrifying diagnosis, she started doing her own research on skin types, skincare and anti-aging options and even had laser procedures done at a dermatologist. She said it was a lengthy process to even out her skin tone from her because of the extensive self-inflicted sun damage. As she continued on her skin journey and focused on educating herself, she decided to attend esthetician school to deepen her knowledge of her. Upon graduation from Taylor Andrews Academyshe found a unique way to connect her energy healing abilities with her esthetician services and created Channeled Beauty Esthetics.

Now a Master Esthetician who runs her business out of her home, Tyler offers everything from micro-needling, chemical peels, facials, waxing, along with energy healing services. As a natural healer, she always includes some type of energy work in her esthetician practice whether her clients know it or not. As an example, she referenced Brazilian waxes, a service she said many people are apprehensive and nervous to get. With her ability to remove fear and other negative energy, she’s able to create a true sense of calm and peace prior to and during these services.

Tyler said shortly after graduation, she found herself very busy with both her energy work and esthetician business. As she steadily built her clientele, she was almost overwhelmed with the amount of business she had coming in. When the pandemic hit, her business rapidly dwindled down to almost nothing. At the time, Tyler said many people were still reaching out to her services from her, but most of them were devastated and would cry uncontrollably over lost jobs and the toll the pandemic had taken on their families. Feeling their anguish and wanting to help, she continued to take clients but offered her services completely free.

A client of Channeled Beauty Esthetics receives spa services, location and date unspecified |  Photo by Lori Engel courtesy of Jamie Tyler, St. George News
A client of Channeled Beauty Esthetics receives spa services, location and date unspecified | Photo by Lori Engel courtesy of Jamie Tyler, St. George News

“I was once a single mom, taking care of my oldest kids for a long time and struggling. I know that I would’ve never been able to afford the type of services I offer now,” Tyler said. “When you’ve been in a place like I have been before, it’s okay to give back and that’s how I felt I was giving back. I offered a lot… of free services.”

Tyler’s free services included many things, such as facials and waxing, with the goal of helping others feel beautiful during a time she felt they needed it most. Thankful for the ability and opportunity to help those suffering from depression, she said her only goal was to let others know they were loved.

“The pandemic, it was real for people. And what heals them, heals me, so it was a beautiful thing,” Tyler said.

While she was grateful for the opportunity and happy to provide what she could, Tyler said the offer of free services has affected her and her family on a financial level, since the products used in her esthetician business aren’t free. She knew it was time to build her business back up on a monetary level, much like she had pre-pandemic.


During and after energy sessions, Tyler said many of her clients had questions, which resulted in Facebook and text messages that came in at all hours of the night. With a big heart and a desire to help, she responded to messages right away. Many of these questions were the same such as, “How do I honor myself more?” and “How do I love myself more?” She also found herself distracted by the messages during the day, which took time away from her family. This inspired her to start a YouTube podcast, Love Aligned. With an original goal to use the podcast for her personal clients, she hopes that others who are in need of the message will also find it. To listen to the Love Aligned YouTube Podcast, click here.

Although giving back is a great thing, Tyler stressed how important it is, in general, to charge for services, especially with a small business or those with specialized trades, even if the service is provided for friends or members of the family. As an example, she said she pays her own son de ella, who posts her YouTube podcast online for her, since it’s a service he offers that she could n’t otherwise do herself.


With the ability to read people and feel their emotions at a young age, Tyler said she’s an empath who has always sensed others’ energy. As she got older and began to work with other energy healers, she was told repeatedly that she was a natural-born healer. In fact, most people told her she had already healed others throughout her life de ella, without the realization it was happening.

A client of Channeled Beauty Esthetics receives spa services by Jamie Tyler, uncropped, location and date unspecified |  Photo by Lori Engel courtesy of Jamie Tyler, St. George News
A client of Channeled Beauty Esthetics receives spa services by Jamie Tyler, location and date unspecified | Photo by Lori Engel courtesy of Jamie Tyler, St. George News

“I can tell if something is wrong with someone just by sitting in front of me. I’ve always had that ability.” Tyler said.

Tyler said she’s also been able to see trauma within people and where they hold onto it, even when she was younger and didn’t quite know what she was seeing. Now, when she’s really close to a person, like a best friend or family member, her ella abilities let her know something is wrong long before she even sees or speaks with them.

Over time, she has been able to tap into her abilities and use her gifts for the highest good: healing. She has also learned many different modalities of energy work over the years, such as tapping, body coding and more. Her natural ability to read others and their past trauma led Tyler to become a Master in Reiki. Reiki has helped her fully understand how to take what she sees and go inward in order to heal it. She is now a Reiki Master of various forms, such as Usui Holy Fire III, Karuna, Rainbowand kundalini. She also practices the master level of sekhem, an ancient Egyptian energy healing modality that is channeled through the hands. She said there are only five individuals in the entire US who are masters in Sekehem, and she is one of them.

While she’s aware of the positive impact her free services had on others, especially during the pandemic, Tyler looks forward to growing her business back up on a monetarily level and encouraged others in similar positions to strive for the same.

“Stand in your power,” Tyler said. “Keep going. I know how hard it is. I know people are still trying to pick up the pieces from the pandemic, especially small businesses, but keep going.”

Energy healing is a holistic practice that activates the body’s subtle energy systems to remove blocks. Tyler says by breaking through these energetic blocks, the body’s inherent ability to heal itself is stimulated. For more information on Jamie Tyler and Channeled Beauty Aesthetics, visit her website. To book an appointment, reach out to her on Facebook or Instagram.


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