Simple exercises Michael Mosley recommends for weight loss – and you don’t need equipment

It’s summer, the sun is shining and it’s usually when people shed their clothes. Diet guru Michael Mosley suggests two simple morning exercises to help get you in shape

Two strength exercises can help achieve the ideal summer body

Out of shape but keen to show off your hot summer body? There’s no need to spend extra hours at the gym, as Dr Michael Mosley suggests just two easy morning exercises to help with weight loss.

Dr Mosley, the creator of the renowned 5:2 diet who was named “medical journalist of the year” by the British Medical Association, is a diet and health guru who has made several TV appearances.

During a recent episode on BBC Radio 4 podcast Just One Thing, he recommended two strength exercises, which if practiced on a regular basis has several health benefits besides weight loss.

Morning exercises for weight loss

Press-ups and squats are convenient to do and help tone muscles


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Dr Michael Mosley said that the two key exercises that help you with your weight loss goals are “press-ups and squats”.

Convenient to practice anywhere in your home, the health guru explained: “There is just one thing I recommend you add to your daily routine: resistance exercise like press ups.

“There’s fascinating new research on the benefits of strength workouts, how a few minutes of daily resistance exercises – where you don’t need any special equipment – can boost your brain as well as your muscles.”

Press-ups are one of the best low-cost ways to build upper body strength and keep you toned.

He added: “Here is evidence resistance training can improve your sleep.”

Another strength exercise to add to your daily workout routine are the squats. Similar to press-ups, squats not only help tone your muscles but have also been discovered to be “one of the best exercises around for improving your brain function”.

He recommends doing both exercises early in the day, as it gives you a “full body workout, help[s] your heart, and may even boost your brainpower”.

What food does Dr Mosley recommend for weight loss?

A combination of diet and exercise is important for weight loss


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Michael Mosley spoke about the importance of combining diet and exercise during a recent appearance of ITV’s This Morning.

He explained: “I don’t think exercise alone is going to help you lose weight but it improves your mood if nothing else. The data suggests if you combine it [diet] with exercise that’s a great way [to lose weight].”

He stressed on the importance of protein for weight loss, adding: “You need at least 50g of good quality protein a day, that preserves your muscle.”

He also advised that a low-calorie, low-protein diet involving just tea or juices ends up with you losing muscle instead of losing fat.

He explained: “Your body needs protein and if it’s not getting it from your diet, it’s getting it from your muscles.”

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