Shivansh Kalra: Redefining men’s personal skincare space with his brand Groomd

With Indian men becoming conscious about their skincare routine, the demand for men’s grooming products has skyrocketed. Skincare is the most crucial component of a men’s grooming routine in that it promotes a healthy-looking complexion and lays the groundwork for smoother and clearer skin. One of the leading men’s skincare brands, ‘Groomd’ incorporates product ranges that focus on styling heroes to keep their hair and beard impeccable to skincare essentials that hydrate, moisturize, nourish, and exfoliate the skin. The founder Shivansh Kalra shares his insight on the men grooming industry.

Question 1:

What was your moment of epiphany to start this brand?

Answer 1:

While working in New Zealand I realized that the men grooming industry is bringing a revolution in the skincare realm. In today’s time, men are more inclined toward taking proper care of their daily skin routine. Seeing this major surge in the men grooming industry, I decided to launch my own brand that caters to every skincare problem further providing the gentlemen with radiating and glowing skin. A huge amount of effort was being put into looking at the best, however, there was a lot of confusion in the market for men as to what exactly has to be used hence we launched our brand with minimal regimens and maximum results to make personal care simple.

Question 2:

How is Groomd taking care of the modern-day requirements of men inclining towards the skincare realm?

Answer 2:

groomd , a 100% vegan and cruelty-free men’s skincare brand is embracing the belief that grooming for men should be easy, effortless, and a natural process. With a head-to-toe range of grooming essentials, the brand is bringing a revolutionary shift in the men’s skincare realm. We are keeping our products and packing straight to the point and providing the consumer with exactly what’s needed instead of marketing gimmicks and multiple product launches. The brand is focusing its energy on providing healthier-looking skin rather than fairer skin.

Question 3:

What is your brand’s USP and how are you doing something different from other players in the realm?

Answer 3:

Being an effective skincare brand, the brand is looking forward to pampering the men’s skin with essential ingredients and organic product ranges. We had a few dermatologists on board with us before launching the products who helped us in the formulations and testing of what would work the best on men’s skin. We are driving our attention on educating the consumers on how important it is to have healthier skin rather than looking just white with poor skin. The brand provides ethically quality products and is strict about its regulations.

Question 4:

What has been the success mantra that leads you to effectively bring the best to the table?

Answer 4:

We are very honest about what we use in our products. From creating transparency to respecting the needs of consumers the brand is doing it all. I think that a brand that values ​​a relationship with trust and honesty goes a long way. And we are building a company that values ​​ethics and morality. The brand is effortlessly looking and fabricating products that lookout for men and nourish their skin to the utmost level. With 100% commitment toward quality, precision, and functionality, we are keeping every customer’s needs in mind.

Question 5:

Were there any roadblocks that you encountered throughout your journey?

Answer 5:

Of course, I would call it learning instead of blockages. We have been in the business for a year now and there has been so much to learn every day. Be it about the product placements strategies, backhand work, following up with the consumer, getting their feedback into place, and working to get better every day. Until and unless we are coming stronger every day and learning through the course of it, we are happy to serve men with the most effective and honest skincare. I guess it is our hard work and perseverance that have helped us reach our goals and make a name for ourselves in the industry. In today’s time, ‘Groomd’ is catering to several skin care segments, from enriching your hair, body, face to beard, the brand is covering it all.

Question 6:

What are your future plans to expand and grow your network and take groomed to new heights?

Answer 6:

We will take things forward by taking one step at a time. Firstly and most importantly, it is very important to give back to society and we are in touch with a few top NGOs in the country to get into a collaboration as part of it. We’ll be giving a percentage of the revenue for a better cause. Other than this you might see a couple of product launches in 2022, that’s something we are very excited about and looking forward to. We have also been considered by some huge corporate giants for corporate giftings. We feel immensely proud of how far we have come and how our brand has changed people’s perspectives about men’s daily skincare regime.

The skincare brand ‘Groomd’ is incorporating products that make the men’s skincare journey easy and effortless. ‘Groomd’ is an effective skincare product that offers productive results for all skin and hair types. Finding a skincare brand that brings you efficient results helps individuals in maintaining a steady grooming routine.

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