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Spring cleaning your cabinets of unwanted, unused, or expired beauty and skincare is of utmost importance for living the motto “suns out, buns out.” You’ll want to declutter what’s not serving your skin and move forward by including things that gently exfoliate the body, hydrate the skin barrier and leave you looking like a bronzed baddie.

The list of products in this edition of MADAMENOIRE‘s She Tried It was tested over the last couple of months to see if they’re worth making it into your beauty and skincare springtime regimen.

Read up on them below.

Spring beauty trends 2022

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Spongelé’s Body Buffer Sponges

If you haven’t tried Spongelé, you’re definitely missing out.

These cutely shaped and soap-filled sponges soften up just enough when wet and give your skin a thorough scrub.

For those looking for an alternative to their loofah or African net cloth, we recommend trying this as your primary method of exfoliating in the shower. It left my skin smelling heavenly and with a smooth and soft finish.

We particularly enjoyed Spongelé’s With Love Freesia Pear Heart Buffer other Love Always Bulgarian Rose Heart Bufferboth of which are now on sale for $12 each.

Spring beauty trends 2022

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Namesake Skincare’s The Daily Moisturizer

Luxury Black-owned brand Namesake Skincare made its debut in the market a few months ago.

The Daily Moisturizer is specifically made to meet the needs of melanin-rich skin — and it’s currently the brand’s only product.

The product’s key ingredients include polyhydroxy acids, rosehip oil, and butterfly bush. The moisturizer claims to give a brighter and more even complexion, nourish, and strength the skin barrier.

We didn’t see an effect on evening out the complexion or skin tone after using this product for around a month. Still, it works decently as an AM or PM moisturizer at the end of your skincare routine, or before applying makeup. It feels weightless on the skin yet leaves your face and neck rich in hydration.

It’s best suited for those with normal, combination, or dry skin.

Spring beauty trends 2022

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Sweet Chef Facial Cleanser

We were surprisingly impressed with this facial cleanser. Sweet Chef’s offering is a liquid-to-foam base.

The star ingredients are carrot, ginger, and salicylic acid — and it claims to treat gently and prevent blemishes, reduce inflammation and brighten hyperpigmentation.

This cleanser is fragrance-free and did an excellent job of keeping the skin blemish-free. Moreover, it balances oiliness and doesn’t leave the face feeling stripped.

Find it at all Target stores, Target.comor

Spring beauty trends 2022

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Tropez Self Tan Express Kit

Self-tanning on dark skin is a major trend on TikTok this spring.

While on the hunt for a product that would give a goddess-like glow, St Tropez’s beginner-friendly Self-Tan Express Kit became of interest

After following the product’s instructions and waiting an hour, the product left with a warm, non-orangey, full-body glow. It was easy to apply in even layers, especially with the soft applicator mitt.

The product caused a breakout, though. It wasn’t extremely noticeable, just tiny bumps that lasted for around a week.

We suggest passing on this popular choice and opting for another brand. We’ll keep y’all posted when we find a tanner for dark skin that’s top tier!

Spring beauty trends 2022

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Lilly Lashes 3D Faux Mink Magnetic Lashes

Magnetic lashes are honestly a game-changer. —And if you ever experienced the annoying application process of strip, magnetic lashes serve as a time-efficient and convenient alternative.

Magnetic lashes are particularly ideal for those who always rock eyeliner, or those who’ve noticed they’re allergic to lash glue.

The application process is simple. Start by lining your top lash line with magnetic liquid eyeliner and drawing a wing at the outer corner of your eye with the tip of the brush (the wing is optional!).

After going over the line you created for a second time and letting that dry down, place your magnetic lashes of choice as close as possible to the base of your upper lash line on each corresponding eye.

Naturally, the 12 small and eye-safe micro magnets on Lilly Lashes’ magnetic styles will connect to the even tinier ones within the eyeliner.

After testing almost all of the brand’s magnetic lash styles over several months, Lilly Lashes’ magnetic styles in particular because of their durability, quality and reusability. These lashes work with drugstore brand magnetic lash liners as well as the brand’s own magnetic liner.

Those seeking a natural, everyday look should try out For Lifeand those who want a dramatic look will love either mykonos or irreplaceable.

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