Purify Life corners the dried elderberry market and expands into adult wellness

A Midwest supplement brand found great success in elderberry sales during the pandemic, and grows into adult wellness sector

Purify Life’s founder and CEO took a liking to health and wellness due to a near fatal accident that resulted in a deadly traumatic brain injury. After making a miraculous recovery to full health, well beyond the doctors projections, he thanked his body for natural repair and herbal supplements to bring his life back. He says that giving the body a perfect environment to operate gives it the opportunity to function (and repair) at its fullest potential. So, instead of taking prescription pills from big pharma, he leapfrogged the recovery time and defied the doctor’s orders with natural remedies and nutrients.

This sparked his fascination in herbal supplements and their impact on the body. He came across elderberries in 2017 and knew the 4,000 year of medicinal elder berry would find its time to shine, so he launched elderberry gummies and dried elderberries to serve the Amazon market before they caught their stride.

Fast forward a few years, he’s in growth mode and well-stocked for the 2020 cold and flu season when many seek immune support supplements. The pandemic breaks out and covid surges demand for his product line where inventory is flying off the shelf. Dr. Oz then spotlighted the elderberry superfruit alongside Zinc and Vitamin C when he recommended everyone be taking them to support a healthy immune system. Luckily, infrastructure was built out at Purify Life to handle volume, and so they weren’t stock out for long!

Following the explosion of sales in the Sambucus Elderberry super fruit, the brand grew legs and has now expanded into adult wellness products that aid in beauty and anti-aging.

While other brands experienced success in 2020, and contracted down to their original size in 2021-2022, Purify Life maintained its trajectory and continues to grow. Generating hundreds of thousands of customers, and tens of thousands of positive reviews on Amazon, it is no surprise that their following wants to further their initiative to vitality under Purify Life

The elderberry supplement business offers formats such as elderberry capsules, elderberry gummies, and elderberry syrup in order for kids and adults of all ages to enjoy!

Now, Purify Life has expanded it’s line to products such as:

– Saw Palmetto Gummies for Hair Thinning
– Sugar-Free Ceylon Cinnamon Gummies for Blood Sugar Support and Brain Health
– Vegan Collagen Gummies for Beauty and Anti-aging
– Mushroom Complex Gummies for Immune Support, Nootropic Brain Function, and Stress Relief
– Ashwagandha Gummies for Anxiety & Stress Relief

There is no exclusive demographic that the brand serves, and there is something for everyone.

If there is one brand to keep an eye on when optimizing your health regimen, it is Purify Life!

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