Organic Spa Media Announces Top Wellness Trends for 2022

Organic Spa Media

Organic Spa Media, the leading authority on wellness travel, natural living and sustainable beauty, unveiled its top five trends in the wellness industry today. Derived from the organization’s vast network of industry-leading experts carefully cultivated over 15 years, this intel marks distinct shifts within the industry at a time when the focus on wellness is more prevalent than ever.

“As the authority on wellness for the past 15 years, Organic Spa Media has always set its sights on defining the values ​​at the core of the wellness industry,” says Rona Berg, Editorial Director of Organic Spa Magazine. “Now, more than ever, health and wellness are priorities for everyone, and we look forward to continuing to take the lead and share the latest news, research, information and trends.”

The trends are as follows:

  • Clean Beauty & Self-care: Healthy and natural ingredients; sustainable sourcing; plastic-free packaging, along with diversity and inclusivity in brand leadership and treatments, are more important than ever. Beauty (along with fashion, wellness lifestyle and wellness travel) is embracing ethical responsibility and socially responsible business practices, and touting a commitment to people and planet, with B Corp and Fair-Trade certifications.
  • Mental Wellness: From psychologists on staff at spas to new meditation and mindfulness practices at wellness centers, to psychedelic healing, an increased focus on mental health can be found throughout the industry, geared toward reducing stress and anxiety.
  • CBD/Medical Marijuana: CBD is everywhere, and it’s also all over the spa industry, from products and treatments for pain relief to stress reduction, mental balance, anti-aging and inflammation. Next on the horizon: medical marijuana treatments.
  • Wellness Journeys: A spirit of carpe diem infuses travelers who no longer want to wait to fulfill their travel dreams and desires, as they “trip-stack” –book longer, back-to-back trips. Popular wellness treatments include red light therapy, infrared saunas, vitamin drips and injections, salt therapies and sound healing as hotel spas and fitness clubs bring “medispas” –and out-of-the-box mind-body modalities–to the mainstream.
  • Beyond Sustainability There are eco-trailblazers in luxury hospitality, from those who sought LEED certification early on to carbon-neutral and plastic-free resorts. Not only are bigger brands now signing on, they are looking beyond sustainability toward regenerative practices: regenerative agriculture, giving back and sustaining local communities, Climate Neutral certifications, as well as crafting high-end offerings like plant-based Michelin and five-star menus .

“Following the global Covid-19 pandemic, wellness is no longer a luxury; it has become a priority,” says Bev Maloney-Fischback, Founder & CEO, Organic Spa Media. “Organic Spa Media covered every aspect of wellness early on–physical, mental and emotional wellness, along with wellness travel and lifestyle–and we continue to take a leadership role.”

This news comes ahead of Organic Spa Media’s 10th annual Wellness & Travel Media Event. This year’s symposium marks a decade of the magazine’s visionary wellness summits, and it will look to celebrate how the industry has grown, changed, and where it is headed in the future. The 2022 Wellness & Travel Media Event is invite-only and will be held on June 17, 2022, at The Pendry Manhattan West Hotel in New York, NY.

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About Organic Spa Media:

Organic Spa Media, whose brands include Organic Spa Magazine and Wellness Travel University, is the leading authority in wellness travel, natural beauty, and sustainable living. Organic Spa Magazine, in print and online, provides readers with insight and expert advice on health, wellness, travel, natural beauty, eco-fashion, sustainable design and much more. Our mission is to inspire, motivate and educate today’s wellness consumers, offering them a new way of living, thinking and being.

Organic Spa Magazine reaches over 3.8 million upscale, affluent, highly educated, eco-conscious consumers who are value-driven purchasers seeking organic and natural products and services that will enhance their green lifestyle. Our digital content is accessible on most international airlines, and in luxury hotel groups worldwide, providing an additional reach of 2 million plus viewers per issue. With additional initiatives like the LiveWell membership program and Shop Beauty affiliate site, Organic Spa Media encourages readers to empower and educate themselves to live a curated, conscious lifestyle with intention.

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