One Effective Anti-Aging Trick 20 Year-Olds Know From Tik Tok That Boomers Should Learn

While many Tik Tok beauty hacks might seem outlandish or very complicated, one effective anti-aging beauty tip is not only fairly simple, but incredibly important. We checked in with skincare experts to learn more about this crucial step in any great morning routine that can make all the difference when it comes to your skin’s health and overall appearance.

Read on for tips and suggestions from Mina-Jacqueline Au, FAAMM-P, wellness & dermal restoration specialist and the founder & CEO of Vivre SkinLabs, Dani Causey, medical skincare expert of Dani Causey Skin and Dr. Elizabeth Liotta, MD, LLC, board-certified dermatologist and skincare expert.

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Why Applying Facial Sunscreen Every Day (Even When Indoors And Despite The Season) Is Imperative

On Tik Tok, many viewers will see the following morning routine recommended by dermatologists on the app as well as young Gen-Z members who are interested in skincare:

step 1 Wash your face with a gentle, pH-balanced cleanser

two. Apply vitamin C Serum to your face and neck areas

3. Add either a moisturizer with sunscreen built in, or a sunscreen and then moisturizer

The last step, many often argue, is the most vital if anti-aging beauty is your goal, and if you want to prioritize your optimal skin health at any age. Wearing sunscreen (especially on your face) every day—whether you are staying indoors or even if the sun doesn’t appear to be out—is a must, Causey explains.

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1. You Are Exposed To More Harmful UV Rays Than You Might Think (Indoors, Car Windows, Etc.)

“I cannot stress enough how important it is to wear sunscreen all day, every day, 365 days a year—this includes both indoors and outdoors,” Causey says. “From an anti-aging perspective, anytime the skin is not protected and is allowed to be hit with damaging rays (both UVA and UVB), you risk both skin cancer and the breakdown or collagen, elastin and that’s when wrinkles and sagging of the skin starts to appear,” she adds. Over time, Causey notes, this can also cause our skin to look “dull and lifeless and though not widely known, the sun can also cause broken capillaries.”

As for the ‘trend’ of stressing the importance of sunscreen on Tik Tok, Causey says that she recommends following a routine of sunscreen daily as a preventative method. “I tell my patients all the time that it is a lot easier to prevent lines, wrinkles, age spots, etc, then it is to go back and correct them.”

Even if you haven’t or aren’t doing these things (like wearing sunscreen daily), Causey recommends starting now, no matter what age or how long you’ve been following a skincare routine. “While starting early is my best advice, it doesn’t mean you can’t hop on the train when you know which one to hop on,” Causey says. “Many don’t like the feel of sunscreen and think it’s chalky, so I recommend finding one that feels like a moisturizer and happens to have sunscreen in it. If you like it, you’re more apt to use it.”

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As for wearing sunscreen indoors, Au says that unless your windows are shaded with UV shields, UV rays can penetrate through. “While the exposure may or may not directly cause skin cancer, it can contribute to damaging skin cells which could mutate to cancer cells,” she says. UVA and UVB rays are also a “huge factor when it comes to causing aging in the skin,” and Au adds that this is called photoaging. “With exposure, even through windows, that is when premature wrinkling, pigmentations and skin inflammation can occur, so sunscreen “isn’t just for the skin cancer prevention, but also a great protection against photoaging as well.”

Causey also points out that many of us “work from home now,” and can still suffer from sun damage as “sitting or working by a window is not out of the norm.” Outside light enters in through windows and doors, so “being protected is key.” Liotta also mentions that UVA rays can also “pass through windows” of one’s car, and “most skin cancers occur on the head and neck and more often on the drivers’ side of the car.”

Liotta also says that facial sunscreen isn’t just for summer, either. “Ultra violet rays are present in the winter as well as the summer. People don’t think about putting sunscreen on in the winter because they associate UV radiation with heat, but you can easily get sunburned while skiing as the UV bounces off the snow and water,” she says, adding that getting “accurate information is powerful , and if the short sound bites of Tik Tok makes an impact, then awesome.”

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2. Screens And Devices Emit Rays, Too!

Many of us work with computer, phone or other device screens that can emit lights and rays as well, Au says, and this is all the more reason to wear sunscreen Cada dia. “Another element that contributes to photoaging are HEV (blue) lights and IR (infrared radiation),” she says. “These are lights are emitted from our smart phones, iPads, TV and the computer screens which we are exposed to daily.” Many medical grade sunscreens, she continues, also have a built-in protection against these lights.” Causey agrees, and adds that “HEV light (High Energy Visible) is also responsible for the production of melanin in our skin not to mention the breakdown of collagen and elastin.”

Ultimately, Au concludes, while many Tik Tok beauty hacks (like fluffy brows or excessive contouring) are simply ‘trends,’ the amount of people applying sunscreen every day or sharing the importance of this, is actually important and not something to ever stop doing for all of the potential risks mentioned above. “Not all Tik Tok trends are always good for the skin” she says, “but this one, the wider reach the better. A lot of skin science boils down to educating the public so they have a better understanding.” So no matter what the weather is like, protect your skin right upon waking!


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