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Ever wondered how our skin reacts to emotions? The feeling of goosebumps, going pale, blushing or even feeling the hair-raising fear is our skin’s reaction to our emotions. Essentially, our skin is constantly ‘talking’ to our brain, which leads to the surfacing of such emotions and reactions. In an era of increased focus on farm-to-table food, it’s surprising to see a blossoming of skincare brands offering an equivalent level of traceability and transparency. “While today, people are increasingly looking to balance their busy lives, at the same time, an interesting number of people are looking at the ingredients they use on their skin that not only provide well-being but also maintain ‘nourishment’ of the skin ,” says Roshini Sanah Jaiswal, Promoter & CEO at Swanrose Inc (USA) & Swanrose India Pvt. ltd

With innovations in skin health and skincare, the beauty and cosmetic industry have revolutionized in every aspect of its functioning. It is the deep understanding of how people experience products and how they fall in love with the brands that are leading to the creation of a whole new category of products.

What Is Neurocosmetics?

The term ‘beauty tech’, that talks about the idea of ​​use of technology in the very root of processes of creating, manufacturing, and distributing beauty products to enhance consumer experience, has observed widespread acknowledgment and acceptance. The young generation of beauty brands are launching new-age products and treatments that are bringing about radical changes in the industry.

Roshini explains, “Over the years, the modern cosmetology industry has laid heavy focus on neurocosmetics, a field that has been the topic of much discussion and detailed research. Neurocosmetics revolves around the idea that the skin and brain are in constant interaction with one another, causing fluctuations and changes in mood or emotions of the individual.

The skin receives information from the surrounding environment and generates a response that is aimed at making the body aware of the external conditions via the nervous system. The nerve endings in the dermis layer of the skin act as receptor of external stimuli and are responsible for the cutaneous sensory system. Due to the action of these nerves, we are able to feel cold when the temperature drops or pain when we are injured.”

How Does Neurocosmetics Benefit Your Skin?

“It has been observed that products based on neurocosmetics reduce skin redness and inflammation, which can cause redness or dullness, premature aging and acne. Neurocosmetics is being used to produce natural products that aim to interact with the skin microbiome, maintaining skin’s health and nourishment. Neurocosmetics facilitate interaction between skin and ingredients by removing anything that causes imbalance in it, adding a barrier for protection, which enhances and supports its strength and diversity, leading to a far more holistic beauty experience for the user. Neurocosmetics have also proven reduce rapid aging giving the skin a natural glow and healthy look,” she adds.

According to research, the end result for the users is fewer sensitivities in general and visibly smoother and healthier skin. “The added element of natural products have enabled the user to explore a new dimension in attaining radiant skin without having to compromise or experiment with chemical-based products,” says Roshini. In India, as the study of neurocosmetics is relatively new, only a few promising brands have adopted it as a way of maintaining clean beauty.

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