Libi & Daughters extends the range of personalized skincare

Libi & Daughters launches extended range of personalized skincare solutions

Libi & Daughters has announced a new phase in its mission to provide personalized skincare products and treatments, to meet the diverse needs of individual customers.

The UK-based luxury skincare brand has created a new website and ecommerce platform, where customers can subscribe to its signature Red Box skin evaluation and treatment plan and purchase its Quintessential Collection sets.

Libi & Daughters was founded by Dr Inna Szalontay in 2019 with the mission of restoring innate beauty by digitally delivering personalized treatments using the dermatological expertise and natural formulas developed in the family.

The history of the family goes back over 250 years to Catherine the Great, and for the last 100+ years, going back six generations, the women in the family have all been skincare experts, passing down new product innovations from generation to generation.

The company launched with 15 products plus three soaps and has an extensive catalog of additional products which are yet to be released.

Initially, Libi & Daughters’ offer was only available via personal invitation, but now the opportunity to restore the skin’s natural beauty is being opened up to the general public.

As well as the Red Box subscription offer, the company is also widening its Quintessential Collections range for normal, oily, dry, sensitive, acne-prone, and rosacea-prone skin types, as well as launching two additional offerings focusing on eye care and its exclusive peeling treatment.

“I am very excited with this new chapter in my company’s life. My mission has always been to bring people the joy of healthy and natural skin. It is an honor to introduce our product range developed by my family through generations to the wider public in the UK and the EU,” said Dr Inna Szalontay, founder and chief medical officer of the company.

A key benefit of the Red Box Subscription is the Libi & Daughters app, which is a direct link to the company for skin-related advice and includes information related to a member’s personalized skin assessment and daily routines.

Subscription boxes are available to purchase by month, or through special offers of six or 12 boxes.

Purchases of Quintessential Collections come with the opportunity of an online assessment to help customers choose the solution that is best suited to the unique needs of their skin.

Libi & Daughters takes a holistic approach that incorporates how skin functions with the rest of the body.

The team believes that by helping to restore the skin’s natural beauty, they can bring back balance and a glow that their customers can feel and everyone can see.

Practitioners interested in finding out more about participating in the Libi & Daughters personalized skincare regime should contact Jamie Faulkner, sales and marketing via or on 07470 136044

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