Liberty’s new beauty kit is brimming with £423 worth of skincare for just £100

We all know how spenny skincare can get which means, whenever a stellar deal comes along – especially for those high-end formulas – we take notice.

Nestled a few minutes from Oxford Street station, Liberty London is renowned as the home of luxury, from fabrics and jewelery to homewares and more – and that includes skincare.

Now, we’ve spotted a seriously eye-catching deal in the form of its best face forward beauty kit (£100,, an expertly selected bundle with top and cult skincare brands spanning Ireme Forte, Dr Barbara Sturm and more.

From lip elixirs to face masks and night serums the treasure trove will only set you back £100 which, considering the bundle is altogether worth over £423, is pretty impressive.

An extra touch is the wash bag wrapped in one of the store’s famous fabric prints – would we expect anything less?

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If the idea of ​​delving into luxury skincare without possibly obliterating the budget sounds appealing, then you’re in luck. We’ve grabbed a handful of products from the list to help you decide if it’s for you – and at this price, let’s hope it is!


To elevate your AM and PM routine you’ll find eight products hailing from leaders in high-end skincare. It goes without saying of course, that this is a serious steal – at £100 you’re making a whopping great saving of £323, for an expertly selected bundle. Injecting elegance into your travel arsenal, the products are all nestled within a wash bag adorned with Liberty’s own whismical fabric print.

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Below we’ve detailed some of our favorite products included in the kit – and once you see the prices of the individual serums, creams and face masks you’ll realize just how good a deal this really is.

(Dr Barbara Storm)

Hyped for its science-backed products, Dr Barbara Sturm’s cruelty-free elixirs have acquired cult status and, unsurprisingly, they have a lofty price tag to match. Formulated to smoothe and repair the skin while you snooze, this night serum is focused on anti-aging, while being fragrance free, paraben free and suitable for all skin types. The 10ml size which you recieve in the kit isn’t available at Liberty, but you can find the smaller size from other retailers if you wish.

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(Irene Forte)

Landing a spot in our best cruelty-free and vegan skincare brands, Irene Forte’s spa-like products are the epitome of luxury skincare, focusing on organic ingredients that hail from sunny Sicily. Another anti-aging based formula this cream is touted for hydrating and smoothing effects, and draws on star ingredient Myoxinol to plump lines while olive oil nourishes the skin. The kit includes a 15ml bottle which isn’t available at Liberty but, again, it’s avaiable in the smaller size elsewhere.

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(Verso Skincare)

Drawing on hero ingredient retinol 8 which, according to the brand is more effective and less irritant than retinol, Verso Skincare is on hand with this perfecting formula that also targets lines and dark spots thanks to a helping hand from powerhouse peptides and hyaluronic acid.

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For a hit of hydration, Decree’s is all about stripped back routines and, on hand for a little AM ​​and PM pampering. The brand’s rejuvenating sheet masks are also vegan and housed in biodegradable packaging, and are formulated to nourish and build up our all-important skin barrier.

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