Lewis Hamilton Confirms He’ll Race at F1’s Canadian GP Despite Pain

Concerns were raised after Sunday’s Azerbaijan Grand Prix about whether or not Lewis Hamilton will be able to race in Montreal a week later.

The seven-time world champion gingerly climbed out of his car following his fourth-place finish, clutching his back. Hamilton revealed to Sky Sports after the race that he couldn’t “express the pain that you experience, particularly on the straight here” and he was “praying” for the Grand Prix to end. Toto Wolff said SkySports F1 that the Mercedes driver was “definitely” at risk of missing the Canadian Grand Prix.

Hamilton, though, shared a tweet on Sunday that at least seemed to confirm he will be at the race, saying, “Even when it’s painful, still we rise. Thanks for the love, see you all next week.”

A larger debate about the safety concerns has been brewing in the paddock, especially in Azerbaijan when the bouncing seemed to escalate not just for Hamilton but other drivers. George Russell went as far as calling the current regulations “a recipe for disaster.”

F1’s new technological regulations allow the cars to follow each other more closely, but in an effort to maximize performance, the cars run closer to the ground to help with the efficiency of underfloor aerodynamics.

Daniel Ricciardo said he was left “rattled” because of the bouncing, adding that it felt like “being dribbled by [basketball star] Stephen Curry.” Meanwhile, Pierre Gasly said for the FIA ​​to “save us from ending up with a cane at 30 years old.”


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