Laura Byrne Shares Her Everyday Skincare And Hair Routine

Laura Byrne from the 2017 Bachelor, sits down with beauty director Sally Hunwick to talk through how she does her everyday beauty routine with a hectic life filled with kids, podcasting and more.

What’s your daytime skincare routine?

My routine has changed. I used to have more of a process and a bit more time. Now, everything is about optimizing efficiency… Also, over the years I’ve realized that less is more. I used to use too many active products and try to do too many things at once. Now I’m more simple… I usually only use water in the mornings to wash my face.

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I have a really good moisturizer that I use from SkinCeuticals, which I love. I also use an SPF called Ultra Violette. I didn’t take care of my skin when I was a kid, and now in my thirties, I have realized how much sun damage I did to it. So [wearing SPF] is something I really care about.

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What’s your night time skincare routine?

At night I’ve got more of a system now that works for me. I use Esmi’s The Uncomplicated Cleanser. And I use The Secret’s [Cellular Repair] Night Cream as an eight-week course. Or I use an amazing vitamin C serum from SkinCeuticals and a night cream.

What’s your hair care routine?

Because of COVID, I didn’t get my hair colored for 2.5 years. [My husband Matty] was cutting my hair! He had the kitchen scissors and I was like, “Please, please try to make it straight.” I’ve just had it professionally cut and colored and I love it.

I wash my hair with Redken products in the morning, then I usually just leave it to air dry. I love Redken’s bonding leave-in treatment.

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Photography by Edward Urrutia

Redken Acidic Perfecting Concentrate Leave-In Treatment

Photography by Edward Urrutia

How has having kids changed your beauty routines?

I feel like after having kids, my beauty routine has become a lot more simplified. I don’t have time to fix on things. I still want to look good but I don’t feel I have to keep up with everything as I used to. I’ve had a real priority shift.

What has the biggest challenge been, since having kids?

I think the biggest change for me has been to not constantly compare and contrast myself to other people. I know how damaging that can be. I think there’s a lot of confidence that comes with age as well.

What’s your go to makeup look?

I do love getting my makeup done. But if I have to do it myself, I prefer a glowy look, like a bronzy smoky eye and maybe some peach colouring. I know what works for me.

When do you feel beautiful?

When I’m all made up at a photo shoot. But I also feel beautiful when I’m just hanging out with my girls. And there can be times when I’m in my trackie pants and Matty makes me feel incredibly beautiful. [I receive] an amazing amount of acceptance and love from my family.

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