Kim Kardashian’s Skincare Line Slammed For Not Being Affordable

Along with other accusations and a trademark fight, Kim Kardashian’s skincare line SKKN is now being criticized for its unaffordable prices.

Kim Kardashian fans are not happy with the pricing of The Kardashians star’s new skincare line, SKKN. Kim seemed very excited about launching her new skincare line, but ever since she announced the brand on June 1, she’s been hit with a lot of backlash. The controversy around her new line started a year ago when she trademarked the name SKKN and was immediately hit with a cease and desist letter from Brooklyn-based skincare boutique SKKN+. The company’s CEO, Cydnie Lunsford, felt the brand name was too similar to hers and could harm her company and cause confusion, especially when fans search the brand online.

The criticism continued after Kim announced her brand name on social media, and fans found some similarities with another brand. Lori Harvey, the daughter of television host and comedian Steve Harvey, launched a skincare line in October called SKN. Fans felt as though Kim was stealing from Black women, something she’s been accused of several times throughout her career and has never apologized for. Most recently, an environmentalist called out Kim for lying about using refillable packaging for her products. Instead, Kim was using reusable cases that fans compared to decorative tissue boxes that cover the cardboard box that tissues come in.

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The fan anger around Kim’s brand doesn’t stop there, as fans are equally as upset with the prices of her products. Model and best friend to Kim’s sister Kendall Jenner, Hailey Bieber launched her skincare line on June 15, and fans praised her affordable prices in comparison to Kim’s. Reddit user keepingitreal0 shared a video of Hailey mentioning that her products are all under $30, and one user responded, “I love that! I don’t know what the hell Kim was thinking having hers be like $600 lol. Biggest mistake ever. I’ll stick to my CeraVe and all the other effective products my dermatologist recommends.

According to Hailey’s Rhode Skincare website, her highest-priced item is a kit of all her products for $95. Kim, on the other hand, lists her cheapest item at $75 and her kit at $575. Twitter users @biebsidea compared the prices of the two skincare lines and wrote, “No hate to Kim, but I love when celebrities think of their customers’ wallets. Rhode Skin for the win!” Fans also accused Kim of using basic ingredients and selling them for a high price because it’s easy money for the billionaire business mogul.

SKKN has had more controversy than praise since Kim announced it on June 1. The launch date is rapidly approaching, and if Kim doesn’t settle some of the backlash, it may affect her sales. Not everyone is willing to pay such high prices for their skincare, especially when there are other more affordable options. Only time will tell what will happen with SKKN, but so far, fans seem far more excited for Rhode Skin than The Kardashians star’s line.

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Sources: keepingitreal0/Reddit, @biebsidea/Twitter

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