Kim Kardashian says she would ‘eat pooo’ if it made her look younger, netizens don’t buy it

It’s not unusual for Kim Kardashian to take the internet by stormat it for her fashion choices or brand campaigns. However, when the American TV personality and socialite trended globally recently, it was for her bizarre statement that she would eat “poop” if that made her look younger.

“I’ll try anything,” Kim said in an interview with The New York Times. “If you told me that I literally had to eat poop every single day and I would look younger, I might. I just might,” she said as she spoke ahead of the launch of her new skincare brand.

Now, the statement has left the most feeling nauseated and created a buzz online.

Kim is set to launch ‘SKKN BY KIM’ on June 21. In a recently released promo video, she detailed the inspiration behind her latest beauty endeavor, which she says provides her “years of experience and facials and dermatologist appointments” in bottle form. However, faeces is not one of the ingredients in her nine-step skincare routine.

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Instead of her upcoming project, netizens couldn’t move past the wacky statement. It quickly became a hot topic on Twitter. While some dismissed it as “yet another silly remark” and that saying she would actually “never do it”, others took the opportunity to poke fun at her. Memes and jokes galore on the platform, but many also shared serious thoughts as they weighed in.

Many, in regards to skin care and her statement, said it is high time people, mostly women, are not made to feel ashamed to “look their age”, and that there’s nothing wrong in not looking young.

“I’m not acting like it comes easier or it’s all natural. You just don’t wake up and use whatever. You wake up, you use ingredients. The PRP facials, stem cell facials, lasers – all of that is work,” she said, delving into all it takes to look flawless her.


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