Kim Ji Won Skincare Tips 2022: Follow These To Achieve Younger-Looking Skin!

With her charms and skills, Kim Ji Won steals attention and slays every role she plays!

Recently, she played the role of Mi Jeong in the hit melodrama “My Liberation Notes.” Despite being in the limelight for a long time, the actress still looks as young as ever!

Curious about Kim Ji Won’s secret to a healthy, younger-looking skin? Keep on reading!


Kim Ji Won’s Holistic Care For Skin, Well-Being, More

From the bratty high school student in “The Heirs” to the fierce doctor in “Descendants of the Sun,” Kim Ji Won totally stole the hearts of the audience all thanks to her acting skills!

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This 2022, she also shook the Hallyu world with her on-screen slow-burn romance with Son Seok Koo in the hit series “My Liberation Notes.”

Kim Ji Won played many notable roles throughout her career, and no one would actually believe that the South Korean beauty is nearing 30s already!

Kim Ji Won

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Kim Ji Won

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The “My Liberation Notes” star doesn’t only focus on her outer appearance but she cares for herself and well-being holistically.

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Being a celebrity isn’t easy. Tons of makeup, sleepless nights and other energy-draining activities need to be done. In spite of these, Kim Ji Won makes sure that she eats a balanced diet to strengthen her immune system, which is her primary concern.

Kim Ji Won

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She also loves to keep her skin neat, clean and moisturized. Did you know that Kim Ji Won actually has less products than any other celebrity?

Kim Ji Won Skincare Tips 2022: ‘My Liberation Notes’ Star’s ‘Less Is More’ Routine

The South Korean beauty doesn’t like to overwhelm her skin with tons of heavy products, which sometimes could clog pores and trap gunk.

Kim Ji Won

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Instead, Kim Ji Won practices the “less is more” method, keeping things simple as much as possible. The actress doesn’t just put on creams and serums on her skin. First, he listens to her skin to figure out what problem areas need to be addressed.

Even with her busy roster, she makes sure she exfoliates. This helps her skin become brighter and absorb skincare products more effectively.

Kim Ji Won

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Kim Ji Won

Kim Ji Won also loves facial cleansers which remove all the unwanted gunk in her face, leaving it fresh and flawless.

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To remove the residue, she coats her skin with facial toner without harsh ingredients. This might surprise you, but even at night, the “My Liberation Notes” actress still applies sunscreen at night.

Kim Ji Won

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In addition to that, she also adds ampoules to her daily routine, which keeps her skin supple and combat sagging, as ampoules are known for its anti-aging components.

Kim Ji Won also loves drinking enough water to keep her hydrated and moisturized throughout the day.

Would you follow Kim Ji Won’s skincare tips? Share your thoughts with us in the comments below!

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Written by Elijah Mully.


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