Jennifer Aniston Has Responded About That Viral Salad TikTokers Keep Claiming She Ate Behind The Scenes On Friends

Jennifer Aniston is no stranger to inspiring people with her lifestyle. Back in the mid-’90s, fans — and some fellow sitcom stars like Debra Messing — went crazy over “the Rachel” haircut she sported on friends. And with the 53-year-old actress looking like she hasn’t aged a day since the classic comedy aired its last episode on NBC in 2004, it’s no surprise that everyone is obsessed with knowing her food and fitness habits. One recipe that’s being credited to Aniston is for a salad, which TikTok users claim was the one eaten regularly by the actress behind the scenes of friends, and she had something to say about the viral salad that bears her name.

Different videos featuring the “Jennifer Aniston Salad” have garnered a combined nearly 60 million views on TikTok. The recipe calls for bulgur, diced cucumbers, fresh parsley, fresh mint, red onion, garbanzo beans, crumbled feta cheese, and pistachios. The videos all claim that this was the salad eaten by Jennifer Aniston and her pals Courteney Cox and Lisa Kudrow every day on the set of friends. However, during a recent interview with shapeAniston has some disappointing news for fans looking to duplicate their lunch habits:

I’m sorry, I feel like I’m disappointing everybody, but that’s not my salad. It looks delicious, but it’s not the salad that I had on Friends.

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