Irina Forte’s Skincare Brand is Eco-Conscious & Made in Italy

Irene Forte Skincare is an Italian skincare brand with beautiful packaging founded by Irene Forte, shown in the photo above—an entrepreneur and internationally renowned wellness expert. (Scroll down to watch Forte talk about refillable packaging in the video below, via @ireneforte on Instagram.)

The brand’s dedication to what it calls the “natural science” movement, is based on the nutrients and benefits of the Mediterranean diet—rich in whole, unprocessed ingredients, such as olive oil, fruits, vegetables, nuts, and fish—and widely considered to be one of the cleanest, healthiest and most balanced in the world.

Inspired by the natural wonders and heritage of Sicily, the brand artisanally crafts each product using active ingredients grown on their own organic farm in Verdura. Handmade in Italy and sustainably produced in small batches, products highlight the healthy natural bounty of the Mediterranean region.

Read on for more details about the brand’s sustainable packaging.


A ‘Made in Italy’ packaging makeover

In addition to a shift to sustainable packaging, as of 2022, Irene Forte Skincare is now a certified B Corporation, having achieved an exceptional 99.5 points—significantly above the 80-point threshold.

B Corp is a demanding certification that evaluates a brand’s social and environmental impact. It includes over 300 questions on governance, workers, communities, and impact on the environment.

Staying true to its heritage, Irene Forte Skincare keeps all aspects of production in Italy. The cartons are made from 100% recycled fibers, printed with vegetable-based inks.

In line with the brand’s goal to work with local artisans, Irene Forte Skincare has now introduced 100% recycled box liners with a watercolor painting of its organic farm in Sicily painted by a retired artist based in the North of Italy.

This art is on the liners of the full-size product cartons, and featured on the cartons that house the refills. (The cartons are by PremiSPA.) New spatulas have been created by hand by a carpenter based in Puglia using sustainable Italian olive wood.

The innovative packaging now also features recyclable glass bottles and jars with a replaceable inner component. A refill component can be recycled once used through Irene Forte Skincare’s recycling program in partnership with the UK’s First Mile (a QR Code on the box explains each step).

First Mile recycles the refill, shredding it into flakes, which are then converted into plastic pellets to make new plastic products for things such as car parts and pipes, giving it a second life. There is a prepaid return address so that customers can easily send these components to be recycled. The refill components are sold separately and are priced at a lower cost with less packaging.

For the few remaining non-refillable products, the glass bottles and jars are recyclable, and the lids and pumps can also be recycled via the First Mile program. Irene Forte Skincare’s next big goal is to be Carbon Neutral before 2030.

Irene Forte Skincare—Sustainability Highlights

Sustainable packaging

  • Outer boxes are made from paper with 100% recycled fibers using only vegetable-based inks.
  • Inner box liners made of 100% recycled board.
  • No plastic wrapping or extra paper inserts.
  • Bottles and jars made from recyclable glass, where up to 31% of each glass product is made from PIR (Post Industrial Recycled) material.

Eco-Conscious Ingredients

  • All ingredients sourced from Italy, with as many ingredients as possible grown at the brand’s organic farm in Sicily.
  • Irene Forte Skincare’s organic farm uses a rainwater harvesting system and solar panels.
  • The brand supports local farmers. Any ingredients that cannot come from the farm come from dedicated, reputable farmers in neighboring regions, including Trentino, where its laboratory is based.
  • Irene Forte incorporates zero-waste upcycled ingredients in its formulas, which are made from nutrient-rich, plant-based leftovers. The brand is always trying to integrate more, as demonstrated by the launch of its Olive Eye Cream.
  • All ingredients are vegan, newly certified by Vegetal OK this year.
  • The brand strongly opposes the use of harmful ingredients, such as mineral oil, unsustainably sourced palm oil derivatives and plastic microbeads, to ensure that it is not selfishly endangering the environment.

Sustainable Business Practices

  • The brand supports local artisans who create display materials, tools, special gift packaging and elements of the product packaging.
  • Irene Forte Skincare partnered with the Lady Garden Foundation with the launch of its Pomegranate Hand Cream.
  • The brand was awarded the Butterfly trust mark by Positive Luxury in recognition of its ethical standards.


A Growing Responsibility for Sustainable Packaging

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