Helpful Hair Products to Use During and After Chemo

Hair loss is a significant part of going through cancer treatment, and to the outside world, baldness is often the most noticeable outward sign that someone has cancer. Everyone handles this change differently — for some women, it’s a devastating and painful loss, while others may discover that being bald is empowering.

But there’s even more to it than that. There’s also an awkward grow-in phase when treatment is over that only patients who have been through it know well.

When I was completing my treatment for ovarian cancer three years ago, I learned firsthand that hair doesn’t grow back evenly — it comes back in uneven tufts — and the awkward phase of regrowth, during which one’s hairstyle could be considered a “mullet, ” Lasts a long time.

What I discovered: While there’s nothing that makes the process of losing your hair and growing it back easy, there are products that can help make it less difficult.

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