Hear Mindi’s journey with pain relief

GRAND RAPIDS, Mich (WOOD) Are you tired of “band-aid” treatments to relieve your back and neck pain? Maybe your pain is starting to affect your work, sleep and simply enjoying life. If you’re looking for some relief, our Back and Neck Pain Expert, Dr. Christopher Miller of Total Health Chiropractic may be able to help. He joins us on eightWest along with one of his patients, Mindi.

Mindi’s pain started about a decade ago. She used to be a traveling nurse and was sitting in a car for long periods of time and working a shift was difficult for her. She ended up switching to a different nursing position. The pain started to impact simple things like walking, projects and her ability to lift at her job. She had to take frequent breaks to rest and ended up just living with the pain for years.

Mindi didn’t want to use drugs, injections and didn’t want to undergo surgery, so she turned to Total Health Chiropractic. She went through her DRX9000 therapy and for the first time in two years is able to bend down and touch the floor with no pain. She’s now able to lift and roll patients and remodeled her home without having to take breaks. She says it’s the biggest blessing she’s had and it’s saved her life.

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