Hailey Bieber’s skincare line ‘Rhode’ launches tomorrow: here’s what we know

Supermodel, wife of Justin Bieber, and the celebrity face of the ‘glazed donut skin’ trend, Hailey Bieber has been teasing the launch of her long-anticipated skincare line ‘Rhode’ for months and now, the wait is finally over.

When does Rhode launch?

The eponymous line (Hailey’s middle name is Rhode, ICYDK) has been in the works for over two years and cryptic social media posts and interview snippets have alluded to the product drop date creeping up. On June 8th, though, the first post on the Rhode Instagram account appeared and unveiled the date.

The photo, featuring Hailey showing off her signature glow alongside the Rhode branding, was captioned ‘dewy, delicious skin is almost here. see you in one week 🤍✨ june 15th.’

Yes, you read that right – Rhode is set to launch tomorrow.

Unfortunately, there has been no word on whether the line will be launching the UK on the same date, or if it’ll make its way across the pond later on. Either way, we’re excited.

What products will Rhode offer?

The beauty mogul has managed to create some major buzz around the brand, and despite the launch being just one day away she has remained schtum about what kinds of products the line will feature.

Judging by the constant dewy sheen Mrs Biebs sports, we reckon that Rhode is all about creating glistening, hydrated skin; and three most recent insta posts on the Rhode account seem to confirm this theory as images of glowing skin, glossy lips, and water droplets feature with the words ‘glazed’, ‘juicy’, and ‘hydrated.’ Beauty news outlet @trendmood1 gave some more details about what to expect from the line as the post lists ‘a serum / mask, moisturiser, and more’ as possible products.

If you’ve been paying attention (read: obsessing over) in the run up to the Rhode launch then you might’ve noticed that Hailey has already dropped some hints about the products. In a 4-part Instagram carousel, Bieber models a bikini with her only accessory being seriously smooth-looking skin.

In a close up, she tagged ‘Rhode’ in what seems to be a shoutout to the brand’s glow-boosting properties. Hailey also posts a snap of her double-masked up as she dons a set of eye masks underneath a full-face sheet mask. Could this mean face masks are a Rhode Skin staple?

Is Rhode worth it?

The 25-year-old supermodel isn’t the first famous face to enter the beauty space; Bieber’s ‘Rhode’ will be joining the likes of Rihanna’s Fenty Skin, Selena Gomez’s Rare Beauty, and SKKN by Kim K. Unconvinced by yet another celeb beauty line? Don’t be. In a cover interview with Allure earlier this year, Hailey revealed that she’s done her fair share of research to make sure Rhode is the best quality it can be.

‘I was ordering crazy amounts of skincare, trying everything that was expensive to inexpensive to mid-range. And I found that the most tried-and-true stuff were the solidly formulated products that were affordable, where I could tell people kept on going back to, and that’s what I kept going back to as well,’ she said.

She’s no stranger to skincare in her personal life, either. Bieber regularly takes to TikTok to share her fave beauty products and even collaborated with #skinfulencer Hyram Yarbro and skincare aficionado Dr Barbara Sturm on different projects.

the best bit It’s been confirmed that all of the products in the line will be under $30, or around £25. Want to check it out? Sign up to the Rhode mailing list to be the first to be notified as soon as the products drop.

Right now, the lucky few who have had the chance to trial Rhode can say whether or not it’s worth the hype…but time will tell. Watch this space for more deets as Rhode arrives tomorrow.

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