Hailey Bieber Talks Inspiration, Donuts, and Justin’s Impact on Rhode

MK and A, this one is for you. Years ago, model Hailey Bieber fell in love with the upscale basics line The Row. “When I found out The Row was Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen’s brand, I was shook for days,” she tells me at the Brooklyn One hotel while wearing a matching set and incredible platform shoes, which were a collab between her longtime stylist Mimi Cuttrell and By Far. “That’s reaction is what I’m hoping some people will have with Rhode.”

Rhode is a minimalist beauty line launching with just three products today at rhodeskin.com.

“If you didn’t know that my middle name is Rhode, you might not know I’m attached to the brand,” she says while uncapping the brand’s Peptide Glazing Fluid. It’s the brand’s version of a hydrating serum, except instead of invisibly adding moisture, it creates a reflective sheen on the skin that shouts, “I just got a facial!”

With most of the Internet impatiently waiting to get their hands on Rhode, it might take some time for Bieber to slink into the background á la the Olsen twins. She is, after all, one of the most recognized celebrities on the planet – and her face is the face of the brand. But with skincare legends like Rob Robinson advising her on formulation and ingredients, the products can also speak for themselves.

Beyond the name hopefully providing some much-needed privacy for Bieber, it also serves as a part of her family’s tradition. The name “Rhode” has been passed down through the woman Bieber’s family for three generations (it was also her mother and grandmother’s middle names), much like Bieber’s hydration obsession, which is one of the foundations of the line.

“My mom took such good care of her skin and taught me I should always be lathered in moisture,” she shares. “Since I was a baby, I was just a tiny little glazed donut.”

Bieber knows she didn’t “come up with the idea of ​​looking like a glazed donut,” but it’s become her skincare hallmark. “A freshly-dipped Krispy Kreme glazed donut is just so pristine and glowy.”

Not wanting to launch yet another A-list beauty without proper prep, Bieber took launching Rhode seriously. She enrolled in a 14-day online dermatology course, as well as talked to other business owners like fellow skincare brand founder Kim Kardashian. (“You’re making it sound smarter than it was!” she claims.)

For the packaging, it took her diving into the Pantone book to find the perfect shade—brought about by her love of heather gray. “It’s such a cool, sexy color,” she says. “I also love how it looks on my husband.”

Her husband—pop singer Justin Bieber, who recently revealed his diagnosis with Ramsay Hunt syndrome—was seen alongside her in the bathroom in her popular YouTube series, testing sample after sample until the formulas were just right.

“Justin was so brutally honest!” Bieber says. “My husband and I have really different skin types. I’m dry and he’s a little more acne-prone. It was so helpful for developing universal products.” Before the couple got together, Justin “wasn’t very consistent with his skincare routine, and now he does everything on his own,” she says with a smile. “I think that’s very sexy.”

Rhode’s first drop launches online today. To get the full glazed donut treatment, there’s a Peptide Glazing Fluid, Barrier Restore Cream, and Peptide Lip Treatment. The Barrier Restore Cream pairs hydrating ingredients like shea butter and squalane with niacinamide and natural extracts, to soothe and replenish all skin types. Everything is housed in PCR plastic and priced under $30.

“We’re making skincare with the same philosophy that I use to edit my wardrobe,” Bieber adds, “I like to have one really good pair of jeans, one really good blazer. Those staple things you keep reaching back for is how I think of skincare, too. Rhode wants to make one of everything really well.”


When The Row launched in 2005, Mary-Kate and Ashley said their inspiration was their desire was to focus on making simple pieces really well, like the perfect T-shirt. Hailey’s doing the same thing with Rhode—an edited collection for your medicine cabinet, each product made well. Only time will tell if it’ll be as autonomous as The Row—but if my skin has anything to say about it, the Glazing Serum has a shiny future.

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