Hailey Bieber Reveals The Philosophy Behind New Skincare Brand Rhode

Hailey Bieber has had an extremely busy week! Justin Bieber’s better half has been engaged in promoting her new skincare line, “Rhode”. While the first product from “Rhode” was launched on June 15, Hailey appeared on The Kelly Clarkson Show yesterday and revealed the philosophy behind her brand.


Hailey As A Bronze Goddess…

As Hailey Bieber walked into The Kelly Clarkson Show in a gorgeous white body fit dress and heels, Kelly Clarkson referred to her as a bronze goddess and complimented her for her beautiful skin. Hailey revealed that she is doing much better after getting hospitalized previously.

Hailey revealed that the issue was something she wasn’t aware of but was born with by stating, “I was born with a heart defect called PFO”. She stated that she had a small hole that was there and led to a small blood clot. she added, “I had a TIA, which is like a mini-stroke.” Kelly praised her for bringing this up into the spotlight for the people who did not know about it.

An Obsession With Skincare Leads to Rhode…

FYI, Hailey Bieber’s new brand, Rhode, launched on June 15th and promises “dewy, delicious skin”, well Hailey is definitely serving the purpose of her brand from her new photos. Well, the brand is promising and gives you the necessary hydration.

Kelly Clarkson posed a question regarding Hailey’s new skincare line after some chit-chat about her summer plans and tours with Justin Bieber. She said, “I’m gonna come back to your beautiful bronze skin, ’cause you have a skincare line, which I think is very organic for you to do. So what made you want to do this? Like were you trying things you just didn’t like them?”

Hailey replied, “sort of, but kind of, not necessarily. I’ve always been really passionate about skincare. I’ve always loved it. It’s obviously something I’ve always been obsessed with. And I feel like growing up, my grandmother was really obsessed with skincare. My mom was really into skincare. So I felt like I learned a lot from them.”

The Process of Developing Rhode

Bieber also revealed that over the last eight years of travelling, she had the privilege of being able to work with all these amazing makeup artists, facialists and aestheticians and many amazing people.

She further narrated that getting to know what they are into definitely helped her develop her new skincare brand, Rhode. Hailey also spoke about the process of developing Rhode. She said, “We started the process of developing Rhode two and a half years ago. And basically, for me, what happened during the pandemic, I felt like I had all this extra time.”

she added, “We were in lockdown and I already knew what I liked in skincare, but I also was like let’s just start from zero and just dive into every product. It wasn’t great for me but it was actually a good lesson for me to learn, like what I would stay away from and what I gravitated towards.”

Hailey Bieber stated that through all this research during the lockdown like spending time with different things and reading about different ingredients, she really landed on all the stuff she loved and that worked out.

Rhode is The Family Name…

Bieber narrated that their ethos at Rhode is “One of Everything Really Good” and that’s the philosophy that not only she follows in beauty and skincare but also in “curating” her wardrobe. She also gave an example by saying, like that one really good jeans you like going back to, that one really good jacket you like going back to, it’s the same with skincare.

she said “That one really good moisturizer that you really like going back to, that one like trusty lip balm that you like going back to, that is our philosophy at Rhode. And that’s what we are doing.” Kelly interfered and said, “And Rhode is your middle name?”

Hailey replied and said, “Yea, Rhode is my middle name and it’s a family name and I always had a dream of having a brand name that was named after Rhode because it’s also a family name. it’s my mom’s middle name too, so…”

The model had a packed schedule in New York. She first hit “Good Morning America” ​​to appear as a guest before heading to “Live with Kelly and Ryan” later that morning. She discussed her, Rhode, as well as her husband, Justin Bieber’s recent diagnosis of Ramsay Hunt syndrome.

What Are The Products?

Kelly Clarkson asked Hailey about the products from her new skincare brand. Hailey stated that they are only three products and they are completely focused on hydration. She stated, “I have like you sensitive skin, very dry skin. I move around and I travel a lot. I get makeup done all the time. All these things contribute to dehydrating my skin.”

Hailey stated that she believes no matter what your skin type is, hydration is extremely important, and it’s just about finding the right hydration source for you. Here is what she stated about the three products:

  • A moisturizer called the Barrier Restore Cream
  • A Gel Serum called The Peptide Glazing Fluid
  • A Peptide Lip Treatment

Previously, Hailey revealed in an interview that the first “drop,” as Bieber describes it to me over Zoom, consists of three products she considers staples: Peptide Glazing Fluid, a hydrating serum-gel hybrid, plus Barrier Restore Cream and Peptide Lip Treatment , which are both exactly what they sound like.

It’s easy to tell from these products alone that Bieber has a simple, no-frills approach to skincare. Well, she told her secret to Kelly Clarkson by stating that she likes to go to bed like a “Glazed Donut”. Are you going to try her newly launched hydrating regime?

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