GhostBed mattress review 2022

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GhostBed is a mattress company that sells mattresses and other sleep products online. According to online reviews, its products may be reportedly affordable, although it has a mixed reputation.

People spend almost one-third of their lives sleeping, and the mattress a person uses can affect their sleep quality.

The National Sleep Foundation recommends that a person sleeps on a mattress and pillows that are comfortable and supportive. However, comfort differs between individuals. Therefore, a person should consider their preferred sleeping position and any pain or health conditions they have when looking for a new mattress.

This article looks into the GhostBed brand and its reputation. It also discusses its GhostBed Classic mattress and answers some common questions.

GhostBed is a mattress company that manufactures mattresses, bed frames, pillows, and bedding. It makes all of its products in the United States.

A person can order GhostBed products online or call the company directly to order.

GhostBed is a division of Nature’s Sleep, which also manufactures two other mattress brands: Nature’s Sleep and the Venus Williams collection.

According to the company, the advantages of the GhostBed Classic mattress include:

  • a cooling top layer
  • an affordable price range
  • its medium-firm rating may be suitable for people with back pain
  • free-shipping

The disadvantages of the GhostBed Classic are:

  • not being soft enough for some side sleepers
  • no handles or grips for moving the mattress
  • not suitable for people with a latex allergy

The GhostBed Classic mattress may be suitable for people who:

  • sleep on their backs
  • alternate between their backs and sides
  • are seeking a mattress that is firmer than average
  • tend to sleep hot

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The GhostBed Classic mattress comprises the following layers:

  • breathable plush cover
  • 1.5 inch (in) layer of nonallergenic aerated latex for bounce and breathability
  • 2-in layer of proprietary cooling gel memory foam
  • 7.5-in high-density foam base for spinal alignment

The GhostBed Classic comes in a range of sizes with varying dimensions and weights. The table below provides a comparison between each GhostBed Classic model.

The GhostBed Classic mattress is available to purchase online.

According to GhostBed, these are the advantages of its Classic mattress:

  • comprises three layers of foam and a latex top layer
  • comes with a breathable, plush knit cover
  • gel foam draws heat away from the body to keep users cool
  • provides support for people with back painhip pain, and stiffness
  • suitable for stomach, back, and side sleepers
  • 20-year warranty
  • fast, free shipping
  • 101-night sleep trial
  • donates returned mattresses to charity or recycling

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Potential disadvantages of the GhostBed Classic mattress may include:

  • one layer of cooling gel foam may not be enough for people in warmer climates
  • the top layer contains latex and may be unsuitable for those with latex allergies
  • the company does not accept returns until after 30 days
  • the return policy only applies to mattresses from GhostBed
  • mixed online reviews

The GhostBed brand has mixed reviews. However, most reviews on the company website are positive for the Classic Mattress, with over 8,000 5-star ratings out of around 11,000. Customers report that the Classic mattress is comfortable, provides support, and feels cool to sleep in.

However, GhostBed has an average rating of 1.19 out of 5 stars and an F rating on Better Business Bureau (BBB) ​​from 93 customer reviews. The company has no accreditation with the BBB.

Its F rating comes from the 377 customer complaints against the company in its first 10 years of operation. Of these complaints, the company did not resolve 17 and did not respond to 45.

Negative GhostBed reviews raise concerns about:

  • Difficulty canceling orders
  • late shipments
  • faulty products
  • Problems receiving refunds

Additionally, GhostBed has an average star rating of 1.4 out of 5 from 54 reviews on Trustpilot. Of these, 95% gave GhostBed 1 out of 5 stars.

Negative reviews mentioned problems with delivery, poor quality products, and issues with customer service. However, a small number of positive reviews mentioned that the ordering process was simple. They also stated that the GhostBed Classic mattress was supportive and affordable.

The GhostBed Classic mattress costs between $662 and $1,533, depending on the size.

The company offers free shipping and dispatches its products within 24 hours.

A person will also get a 20-year warranty period with the GhostBed Classic mattress. They can also try their mattress for 101 nights.

Below are some of the most common questions about GhostBed.

Is GhostBed suitable for hot sleepers?

GhostBed claims that the latex foam layer in its Classic mattress draws heat away from the body and keeps sleepers cool. Cooling mattresses also feature materials that promote airflow through the mattress or absorb heat from the body. Additionally, they include special foam layers or copper- or gel-infused top layers throughout the mattress.

A person can also try other methods of keeping cool during sleep if their mattress does not keep them cool enough. For example, they can use cotton sheets, air conditioning, or fans. The National Sleep Foundation states that keeping the room cool can improve sleep quality and that a temperature of 60–67ºF (15.5–19.4ºC) can help people fall asleep.

Is GhostBed good for side sleepers?

The GhostBed Classic is a medium-firm mattress, according to the company’s website. This may make it too firm for side sleepers. Softer mattresses may be more suitable for side sleepers because they can relieve pressure on areas such as the hips and shoulders. A person can use the 101-night sleep trial to determine if a medium-firm GhostBed mattress will suit their preferred sleep position.

Is GhostBed good for back pain?

Researchers have found that medium-firm mattresses improve sleep quality and reduce the risk of low back pain. The GhostBed Classic has a medium-firm rating, meaning it may be suitable for people with back pain.

If a person’s back pain is severe, they can speak with a doctor to investigate the cause of the pain and discuss optimal treatments.

A latex and memory foam mattress, such as the GhostBed Classic mattress, does not always require a box spring. It is important to place the mattress on a firm and level surface. A person can place their mattress on the floor or a bed frame.

The GhostBed Classic is a medium-firm mattress that aims to keep people cool while they sleep. It is a hybrid mattress consisting of latex, memory gel foam, and high-density foam.

However, the brand’s reputation has mixed reviews. Some customers reported positive experiences with the company and its products, while others experienced problems with customer service, delivery, and refunds.


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