Garuda Aerospace begins Plantation of 75,000 seeds across India by launching the Vriksh Wax drone on World Environment Day – sUAS News

Garuda Aerospace, a pioneer and market leader in drone intelligence, is committed to creating a safe and trustworthy Ecosystem for Drones as a Service in India (DAAS). Making efforts to contribute towards a better Tomorrow, on the occasion of World Environment Day on June 5, 2022, Garuda Aerospace will begin the operations of Nationwide drone driven seed planting drive across various forests of Maharashtra. And as the country starts to celebrate Aazadi Amrit Mohotsav, Garuda Aerospace has a vision of planting 75,000 seeds in the Commemoration of India’s 75 years of India’s Independence.

As part of its vision, Garuda Aerospace’s newly launched Vriksh Vaahan drone is designed for seeding and for agriculture purposes. The Vriksh Vaahan drone will be an easy way to increase efficiency towards increasing plant production while reducing environmental damage. After an aerial snapshot, the Vriksh Wax drones will spray seeds directly over fields on the desired spot with the help of GPS coordinates. This operation will not only help in planting seeds but also be a major help for farmers to focus and take care of their crops, thus reducing the cost of farming.

Speaking on the launch of Vriksh Wax, Agnishwar Jayapraksh, Founder and CEO of Garuda Aerospace, said “We are extremely delighted and excited to demonstrate the process of seed plantation using drones in the Forests of Maharashtra. At Garuda Aerospace, we are committed and invested in creating a robust drone ecosystem for India that not only positively impacts the farmers but as many industries as possible. Our newly launched Vriksh Wax can plant as many as 1000 seeds a day and can also track their health as they grow. It truly revolutionizes the manner in which we farm. With DAAS, we strive to realize Prime Minister Modiji’s Vision to Empower our farmers so as to reduce their cost, improve crop yield and increase efficiency, which is of utmost importance. We hope that our efforts along with those made by leading corporations and startups in India will make way for a brighter tomorrow. ” concluded Agnishwar Jayaprakash.

About Garuda Aerospace

India’s Most Dependable Drone Startup Garuda Aerospace is a human-centric brand that is focused on developing low-cost drone solutions to optimize industries through accurate data. At our core, we’re a Drone-As-A-Software aggregator that designs impeccable drones for a myriad of human and industrial needs. We pride ourselves on the impactful Intelligence our drone solutions have to offer. Having only started in 2015, we’ve already made a significant mark on the drone industry. Garuda Aerospace received national and international recognition for its success in the drone sector. We are one of India’s top 3 enterprises. We’ve received an NRDF

Award for Bravery for the support we provided to the Indian forces in the Uttarakhand Glacier disaster. We were featured on the United Nation’s top ten socio-economic innovations of 2016. Tesla founder, Elon Musk liked a tweet showcasing the abilities of our Solar Panel cleaning drone. Garuda Aerospace has helped position India on the global technological map.

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