Folks Told Us About Their Skincare & It Goes From Acceptable To Sad

PEDESTRIAN.TV has teamed up with La Roche-Posay to try and rid the world of people using hand soap as facewash.

Ah, the elusive skincare routine. As a sensitive-skinned girlie, sometimes all I have to do is look at my skin the wrong way and it blooms red like a ripe tomato.

This is why I have spent hours, nay, days researching products that won’t make my skin throw a tantrum like a toddler in the lolly aisle. I have hunched over my computer scrolling through skincare forums, spent a quite frankly unreasonable amount of money on fancy goos that promised the world and delivered…more redness. More breakouts.

I have switched up my routine countless times, painstakingly spot-testing and lathering and scrubbing until I swear I’ve scrubbed the outer layer of my skin clean off.

My skincare routine is this ever-evolving thing, taking up a massive portion of real estate in my mind. It’s something I really care about and put a lot of time and effort towards.

For some, this is not the case.

We’re joining forces with the legends at La Roche-Posay to expose the skincare routines of typical Aussies. Spoiler alert – they range from acceptable, to devastating, to downright nightmare fuel.

So, all these routines are from dudes. C’mon guys, it’s your skin, not your car. You can’t just put soapy water on it and call it a day (or whatever it is that people use to wash cars, IDK).

Be sure to check out La Roche-Posay’s anti-acne range Effaclar, particularly if you are of the soap-to-the-face persuasion. Just trust us.


The Morning/Evening Kings

“In the morning, I wash my face with warm water and then put on vitamin C before the obligatory sunscreen. At night, I switch to a retinol serum before a moisturizer. I’ve read that you shouldn’t double up with the vitamin C / retinol combo in the same day but I choose to ignore that tidbit.” – Louis

“In the mornings I wash my face with water then I use a light facial moisturizer. In the evenings I just wash it with water and face wash.” – jason

If you, as a cis man, are starting your skincare description with “In the morning,” congratulations – you are already one step ahead of the vast majority of dudes. Any man that separates their skin care into morning/evening is absolutely on the right track. The bar may be on the floor, but dare I say…king behaviour.

The Slip Slop Slay

“The guy I’m currently dating uses his daily surf as his skin and haircare routine. At least I know the boy wears sunscreen daily.”Bree

“My old housemate, let’s call him Matt, used to only use SPF15. That was it, that was the entirety of his skincare routine. Not even SPF30 or 50! We kept telling him he’d look like Prince Phillip if he kept it up but he didn’t listen. He also didn’t wash his hair but that’s another article in itself.”ellie

OK now this really is the bare minimum particularly in Australia, but if you wear SPF every day, that’s definitely a great starting point for a skincare routine. So please wash your hair. Wash your hair and wear sunscreen, it’s literally all we ask.

The Non Routine

“I don’t have a skincare routine.”David

“Exposing my bf who doesn’t have a skincare routine because he has perfect skin year-round.”bella

No comment. You got no routine? babe Grow up. Get a job. Slap on a moisturizer.

The Nightmare Fuel

“I just use the body wash in my shower on my face too.”David

A Buncha Folks Told Us About Their Skincare Routine & It Ranges From Acceptable To Devastating

Mum come pick me up. I’m scared.

Image: Mean Girls

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