Fire pits pass checks for contraband: Moreland Hills Police Blotter


Fire calls (general): SOM Center Road, Meadowood Lanes

A caller driving past Village Hall reported seeing smoke coming from across the street at 6:25 am on May 30 and expressed concern about a possible house fire.

Police found a small campfire, contained and within local regulations, with an officer telling the resident that council passed an ordinance allowing fire pits and fires for cooking. The homeowner was advised not to burn leaves, but it was OK to burn wood in his fire pit.

— Then on June 4, police responded to a caller’s report that someone might be conducting an open burn of their leaves shortly before noon.

Police found a resident cooking on Meadowood Lane and told the caller that it was a small fire for food consumption.

Erratic driver: Hiram Trail, SOM Center Road

A motorist called shortly before 6 pm on June 5 to report three eastbound motorcyclists doing tricks and apparently turning south onto Route 91. Calling back a few minutes later, the driver said they were now heading west on Miles Road, adding that two of the motorcyclists were not in fact doing tricks, only the one wearing a blue bandanna and riding the red bike. Solon police were alerted.

Suspicion: Basswood Lane

A resident reported that people were walking around her house with a flashlight at 10:04 pm on June 4, possibly in response to a car accident on East Juniper Lane.

About an hour later, a car stuck in a ditch was removed by a tow truck.

Damage to property: Sterncrest Drive

A caller reported June 4 that she is having a home built that was vandalized the previous night with a depiction of male anatomy painted on a wall, as well as scrap wood thrown around the lot and damaged. Special attention by police was requested.

Phone message, animal (micellaneous): Miles Road

A resident initially called just after 6 am on June 4 requesting assistance with a cat that was stuck in a tree. She was told at that time that police do not respond to those calls. At her request, a message was relayed to the officer in charge.

Then around 8:30 pm on June 4, the resident called back, saying the cat had been in the tree all day, wondering if there were any firefighters who might be available.

Police gave her the number for a private animal control contractor.

Noise complaint: Stonehill Lane

A Wychwood Drive resident reported at 11:10 pm on June 3 that they were hearing a crowd partying in the direction of Orange High School.

Police were attempting to locate the source on Stonewood, with plans to return after midnight.

Animal (miscellaneous): Creekview Circle

Police were called on a report of an aggressive turtle in a driveway at 9:43 am on June 2. Police reported shortly before 10 am that the turtle had been moved away from the driveway.

Personal welfare: SOM Center Road

An out-of-state caller initially asked police to check on her mother at 4:46 pm on June 1, after speaking with her earlier and learning she was not feeling well.

She had tried calling her mother back after that with no luck, reasoning that she might have the TV up too loud or her phone on airplane mode.

Then at 4:53 pm she told police to disregard, saying her mother had called back and was OK.

Car crash, squad call: Murwood Drive, Chagrin Boulevard

Police and a rescue squad responded to a two-car crash at 7:35 pm on May 31, after which a Texas man, 56, reporting neck and shoulder pain, was taken to Ahuja Medical Center for further treatment, with one of the drivers being cited for reckless operation.

Parking complaint: Pebblebrook Lane

A Newbury Township landscaper was advised just before noon on May 31 that the next time one of their trucks was parked on the street, they would be cited.

Departmental information: Jackson Road

A construction company was advised to get a flagger at 8:22 am on May 31.

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