Exclusive: Sonam A Kapoor on motherhood, wellness during pregnancy and her collaboration with Indian skincare brand The Moms Co.

For Sonam A Kapoor the ideologies of beauty and wellness have evolved ever since she got pregnant with her first child. The star and mom-to-be believes in focusing on the inside out approach, to keep her healthy on the journey towards motherhood. In fact, the multi-hyphenate has also entered a conscious collaboration with Indian skincare brand The Moms Co. to spotlight toxin free products rooted in natural ingredients for mother and child care. In an exclusive conversation with VogueSonam A Kapoor opens up about the do’s and don’ts of skincare as an expectant mother, challenges of pregnancy and this exciting new collaboration.


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On her evolving definitions of beauty and wellness during the journey to motherhood

The pregnancy has been a great blessing for us but it’s been tough. Nobody tells you how hard the journey to motherhood is. My body is changing on a daily basis and it has also affected my sleep routine. But I’m looking forward to this new and extremely exciting chapter of our life. Given all these changes, my definitions of beauty and wellness have certainly evolved. I’ve never loved, embraced and cared for my body and wellness more than ever before. I’m overlooking everything right from what I eat to what I apply to my skin because if you want to carry another life within you, you have to respect your own. I don’t make any compromises on the food that I eat or the skincare products that I apply.

On the actualization of her collaboration with The Moms Co.

I’ve been using The Moms Co.’s products for a while now. I suffer from eczema and their Natural Sensitive Skin Lotion has worked wonderfully for me. Though the brand was known to me, the collaboration was a happy surprise. After my pregnancy announcement, Malika’s (Malika Sadani, Founder & CEO, The Moms Co.) team reached out and after hearing her story, I knew it was the perfect partnership. The Moms Co.’s brand beliefs and foundation resonate with me as I always look out for skincare options that are natural, toxin-free and come with proof of performance.

Sonam Kapoor Ahuja collaborates with skincare brand The Moms Co.

On some of her favorite products from The Moms Co.

Apart from the Natural Sensitive Skin Lotion, I love The Moms Co.’s Natural Vitamin C range and especially the Natural Vitamin C Face Cream. It’s extremely hydrating and makes the skin look brighter and clearer in a very short span of time. I was intrigued by the clinical results that the product had as I always want my skincare to deliver more.

On her am and pm skincare routine

On most days, I try to keep my skincare routine simple yet effective. In the morning, three products are of utmost importance for me – vitamin C serum, a tinted sunblock, and lip tint. At night, I use a makeup remover, cleansing balm and cleansing lotion to get the makeup and sunblock off. Then I follow it up with an under-eye cream to hydrate the delicate eye area, a heavy moisturizer for the face and neck, and the lip balm


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