Every Member Of Soldier Boy’s Payback Team & What Happened To Them

Warning: This post contains spoilers for The Boys season 3.

Every member of Soldier Boy’s Payback team and what happened to them in TheBoys season 3. Every season of TheBoys introduce a plethora of new Supes, super-powered beings who were injected with Compound V. In season 2, Lamplighter came onto the scene, eventually helping The Boys to make up for his past. In season 3, Soldier Boy is not the only Supe in town, and he’s joined by the rest of his Vought-controlled team.

In TheBoys season 3, episode 3, Grace Mallory reveals crucial details about Payback, who were brought to Nicaragua in the 1980s to help Contra rebels against Russia. They were one of the first Supe teams to be involved in a militaristic operation for the government. This was the last mission Soldier Boy went on before he was presumably killed by Russian soldiers. Payback shares similarities with The Seven, the Super team led by Homelander. Besides working for Vought, the teams are led by seemingly charismatic and extremely dangerous leaders.


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Payback has eight members, including Soldier Boy and Black Noir, whom fans will recognize from The Seven and who is out of commission in the present after an allergy incident nearly killed him in TheBoys season 2. There will be more to learn about Payback throughout season 3, as the flashback just scratched the surface. In the meantime, here is every member of Soldier Boy’s team, the extent of their powers, and what becomes of them after their leader’s disappearance.


Soldier Boy

soldier boy the boys

The leader of Payback, Soldier Boy is a parody of Marvel’s Captain America. He’s sexist, unfiltered (in a bad way), and has superpowers that are just as dangerous as Homelander’s. Soldier Boy fought in World War II and is essentially the embodiment of toxic masculinity and patriotism. According to Grace Mallory, Soldier Boy is also the most idiotic of Payback’s members. He can create and emit energy blasts; he’s also got superhuman strength and agility, as well as anti-aging capabilities and is an expert marksman. Soldier Boy killed MM’s family, which shows how brutal and uncaring he can be. Presumed dead after sacrificing himself in a nuclear meltdown in 1984, Soldier Boy was seemingly kidnapped by Russian soldiers and hasn’t been seen since, though he is memorialized as a great hero in the US Soldier Boy is portrayed by Jensen Ackles, who is best known for his role as Dean Winchester in Supernatural.

Crimson Countess

the boys crimson countess

Crimson Countess was first introduced as a member of Payback in The Boys’ season 3 episode 3. She was on the Nicaraguan mission in 1984 and was involved with Soldier Boy romantically. She may not be as dangerous as Soldier Boy, but Frenchie and Kimiko’s run-in de ella with her at the amusement park certainly showed how brutal she can be after ella she killed one of the mascots on her way out of her. Crimson Countess can fire pyrokinetic energy blasts, which means aiming fireballs at people who get in her way from her. In the present day, Crimson Countess—essentially The Boys’ version of Marvel’s Scarlet Witch — is a singer at an amusement park show about the life story of Soldier Boy. She’s portrayed by Laurie Holden, who is best known for her role as Ella as Andrea Harrison in The Walking Dead.


the boys gunpowder

Gunpowder was Soldier Boy’s right-hand man and sidekick when they were both in Payback. Given his name, Gunpowder has a penchant for firearms and runs a shooting program alongside Vought’s Rifle Association. The Supe is a skilled marksman who has great aim and a proficiency with firearms, as well as great eyesight and super-strength. Gunpowder was killed by Butcher, who injected himself with a temporary form of Compound V, outside the gun convention where he had a panel. The Supe is portrayed by Sean Patrick Flanery, who is known for his role in The Boondock Saints.

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Black Noir is in a unique position because he is the only member of Payback who went on to join The Seven after his former team was disbanded. Black Noir is stealthy, with excellent combat skills and a master of martial arts. He also has fantastic regenerative abilities, superhuman strength and longevity. He can handle any situation as he is exceptionally tactical, with quick reflexes and a high pain threshold. As of the end of TheBoys season 2, Black Noir is out of commission (but still alive) after Queen Maeve forces him to eat an Almond Joy, resulting in a severe allergic reaction. In the season 3 flashback, Black Noir’s face of him is burned in the fight in Nicaragua, which could explain why he never takes off his mask later on. The younger version of Black Noir is played by Fritzy-Klevans Destine, who is known for his role as Sean Smith in the Arrowverse TV series Superman & Lois.


the boys swatto

Swatto is seen in The Boys’ season 3 flashback. He has the ability to sprout wings from his back and fly, not unlike a bug. Swatto is one of the Payback members that is least known in terms of backstory and personality. He died during the 1984 Nicaragua mission, blown up by a rocket launcher while in midair. As far as the other members go, Swatto seemed like one of the least intelligent and responsible, not taking the mission seriously and risking his team’s location by constantly flying into the air. Swatto is portrayed by Joel Labelle, who is known for his role as Alaric in Shadowhunters.


the boys mindstorm

Mindstorm is a parody of Marvel’s Professor Xavier. In TheBoys comics, however, Mindstorm is called Mind-Droid and he’s a human in a robot suit who is more a parody of Marvel’s superhero Vision. In season 3, Mindstorm is shown during a flashback to Nicaragua. As his name implies, he has the power of telepathy. In the comics, he can also fly with a jetpack attached to his suit. There isn’t much information to be gleaned about him in TheBoys season 3 and it’s unknown whether he is alive or dead in the present day. Mindstorm is portrayed by Ryan Blakely, who is best known for his role in TheExpanse.

TNT Twins

the boys tnt twins payback

The TNT Twins — Tommy and Tessa — are the final members of Payback. TheBoys season 3 doesn’t provide too much information about the fraternal twin Supes, but their name suggests they have explosive powers (perhaps not unlike Victoria Neuman’s abilities) and are capable of detonating things at will. The TNT Twins seem a lot like Swatto, underwhelming and a bit useless thus far. Tommy is played by Jack Doolan, who is known for his role as him in the TV series marcella. Tessa is portrayed by Kristin Booth, who’s appeared in Aaron Sorkin’s drama The Newsroom and Workin’ Moms.

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