Emma Roberts Shares Her Favorite Beauty Products for Travel — Plus Some In-flight Skin Care Secrets

Emma Roberts with bright red lipstick

Courtesy of Finishing Touch

Even over zoom, actress Emma Roberts glows. She has one of those enviable complexions that will send you straight to your medicine cabinet in search of a hydrating face mask after you encounter it.

Luckily, she’s spilling her secrets.

As the new spokesperson of Flawless Finishing Touch, the actress spoke to Travel+Leisure about how she maintains her skin, both while traveling and at home. The actress, who is currently juggling many hats as a new mom, a producer, and book club founder, felt the need to prioritize her beauty routine — which her to her new role as the brand’s new representative.

“All their products you can just throw in your bag,” Roberts said in a recent interview. “They don’t take up a lot of space and they’re very easy to use.”

With ease and mobility in mind, Roberts shared her tips for maintaining a skin care regimen while on the road, her holy grail beauty products, and how we too can emerge as fresh-faced as a Hollywood star after a long flight.

How would you describe your motto for beauty while traveling?

I’m always trying to parent down. I used to travel with like, three of everything. But now that I’m 31 and a mom, I have my go-tos down. Which concealer works best for me, my sunscreen, my moisturizer, my eye cream. I just have one of everything and that’s it.

When I’m home, I have my facial steamer and a little mini fridge to keep all my products cool. I’ve definitely fallen into that obsession. So when I’m on the road I’m like, ‘What’s the on-the-go version?’ It’s definitely a little quicker and more efficient. And not as luxurious, but it does the trick.

So do you tend to prioritize skincare when you’re travelling?

Before I get on a plane I’m always wondering, ‘Do I put on makeup?’ I try not to. I try to just really get my skin in the best shape possible. moisturizing [I] maybe do some under-eye patches. Big sunglasses and a moisturizing lip balm. For me, it’s all about putting skincare first. My essentials are tools and skincare. I don’t even really bring makeup in my carry-on.

If you’re doing a quick trip for a couple of days, what essentials are going in your bag?

For me, the first thing is the Finishing Touch Flawless Face, which is one of my favorite of the Flawless tools. Using that for unwanted facial hair, it doesn’t need to be visible facial hair, even just peach fuzz. Getting rid of that makes all of my products absorb better, makes my foundation sit better. So to me, that’s my essential to really smooth out my face and the texture.

Sunscreen is also important for me because I’m so fair-skinned. When I was pregnant, I had really bad pregnancy melasma, so I had to get better about wearing a big hat and putting on sunscreen. I’ve been going back and forth between Tatcha sunscreen and the Coola sunscreen, which I like because it gives you this kind of dewy glow.

I’m obsessed with eye cream. It just makes everything brighter and better. I’ve been using the Charlotte Tilbury eye cream lately, which I really like. And I love the Tata Harper regenerating cleanser. It exfoliates but also you can use it every day.

Emma Roberts with bright red lipstick holding lipstick

Emma Roberts with bright red lipstick holding lipstick

Courtesy of Finishing Touch

Are you a travel-sized packer? Or do you bring full-size products with you?

That’s always the question. I have lots of travel sized kits that I love. I have a really cute Barbara Sturm travel kit that has all my essentials. Also Drunk Elephant does a really good travel kit. So I’ll switch between those. But if I’m going away to do a movie for a few months, I have to bring full-sized everything.

Any tips and tricks for the airplane?

A mist is definitely essential. I’m obsessed with any kind of mist, especially when you’re traveling. I love the Chantecaille Rosewater. I’ve been using that all the time lately. It’s just such a nice little reset. It feels so luxurious to have. I feel so fancy whenever I pull that out.

Also, I love the Charlotte Tilbury dry mask, especially when you’re on a plane. A lot of masks with serum get to be too much on the plane, but this one is dry, so you can just throw it on. It does look a little scary, but it’s the best. You take it off and everything feels totally clumsy and rejuvenated. And then I use the Flawless Contour Roller. I love putting on a mask and then rolling over it. That really gets the circulation going and it will de-puff you a bit. You can switch out the heads for a smaller circular one for under the eye, which is especially great for the airplane. I get so dark and puffy under my eyes when I’m flying, especially if it’s a long flight.

And I always have a good book in my bag, too. I can’t be on the plane without books and magazines.

Interview has been edited for clarity and length

Cailey Rizzo is a contributing writer for Travel + Leisure, currently based in Brooklyn. You can find her on Twitter, Instagram, or at caileyrizzo.com.

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