Emerging Plum Lipstick Leads Spate Consumer Trends For Beauty

Consumer data aficionados in the beauty industry are celebrating market research firm Spate’s 100th TrendAlert.

Spate newsletter subscribers come from 4,000 different companies across 95 different countries around the world. The top three countries by number of readers are the US, UK and France.

Spate’s most popular newsletter to date was in December 2021 where it called out the emerging plum lipstick trend, as reported in Happi. This lipcolor has continued its growth ever since.

In fact, plum lipstick is currently at +553.3% year-over-year growth. In Spate studies, the firm also called out the early signals of the return of makeup in the US as lockdown persisted.

For its 100th beauty roundup, Spate predicts color correcting foundation, overnight lip masks and hair gloss to be on the rise so far in 2022.

IT Cosmetics, Tarte Cosmetics and Laura Geller lead in facial makeup.

Color Correcting Foundation

There are 1.7K searches on average every month in the US for Color Correcting Foundation, which is very low volume relative to other searches for makeup products. It’s grown +113.9% in searches since last year with three market leaders: IT Cosmetics, Tarte Cosmetics and Laura Geller.

According to Spate, Consumers seek out color correcting foundation to help even out skin tone and hide areas of discoloration that include redness, and aging concerns for a smooth, even look. Related searches include terms like redness, cream, vs, anti-aging, powder, and palette. Searches for product formats like cream, powder, primer, and palette indicate that consumers are searching for a variety of formats to help them correct color which means there is great opportunity for brands to innovate in this category.”

Searches for green concealer are up +55.9%, supporting the idea that consumers want makeup products that will conceal and counteract pigmentation they do not want. Green—being the opposite of red on the color wheel—helps neutralize redness to hide acne marks and increasing concerns with rosacea (+9.7%). Aside from concealers, brands should consider innovating in color correcting moisturizers, sunscreens, primers and other skincare and makeup products.

Milk Makeup is a top selling lip mask.

Overnight Lip Mask

On average, there are 1.4K searches every month in the US for Overnight Lip Mask, a trend driving a huge volume of searches in the face concerns category. It’s grown +40.1% in searches since last year with two market leaders: Makeup Revolution and Milk Makeup.

“Who doesn’t want to wake up to soft, smooth lips? Now that lips aren’t hidden behind face masks consumers are finding it more important than ever to keep their pouts in picture perfect shape,” said Spate.

Related searches include terms such as: DIY, spa, conditioning and sleep. Searches for DIY, spa and sleep indicate that consumers are searching for a more ritualistic, self care experience when it comes to the overnight lip mask. How else can brands elevate the traditional lip care products to tap into this desire?

Meanwhile, the early “skinification” of lip care is evident in the searches for conditioning. Searches for lip sunscreen are up +19.1% YoY, further supporting the skinification of lip products. Consumers want more for their lips, and traditional lip balms just won’t cut it anymore. How can brands innovate and bring the next generation of lip care that meet consumers’growing expectations?

Redken and Clairol are a few of the market leaders in hair gloss.

Hair Gloss

There are 61.2K searches on average every month in the US for Hair Gloss, which has grown +8.8% in searches since last year. There are five market leaders, which include Kristen Ess, L’Oréal, John Frieda, Redken and Clairol.

According to Spate, shiny hair with color-boosting benefits is top of mind for consumers seeking this trend. Related searches include terms like: treatment, at home, what is, clear, salon, for gray, glaze and shine. Searches for at home and salon reveal that there is a range in the type of hair treatment service that consumers are searching for. This is a great opportunity to bring a salon treatment at home in a product, especially to help manage color in between salon visits.

The benefits sought alongside hair gloss such as clear, for gray, glaze, and shine provide insight into why consumers are searching for hair gloss and can be used to guide product copy and messaging. The searches for gray also indicate an opportunity for brands to create a gloss product that helps conceal or add shine to dull grays at home. In addition to addressing gray hair, there is an opportunity for brands to incorporate different color pigments in the gloss to support different hair colors, including trendy milk tea color hair (+151.4% YOY) and copper hair (+22.5% YOY).

For more on salon and professional hair trends, check out the June 2022 edition of Happi.


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