Collagen Market worth $5.3 billion by 2026

Chicago, June 02, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — According to MarketsandMarkets™, the global collagen market size is projected to reach USD 5.3 billion by 2026, recording a CAGR of 5.4%, in terms of value. The growing application of collagen in the pharmaceutical and cosmetics & personal care products industry to fuel the demand for collagen proteins. The burgeoning popularity of anti-aging products is working in favor of the market. In addition, growing health issues among the geriatric population associated with muscle pain and aging require using the product to meet nutritional deficiencies. Busy lifestyles have driven the food manufacturing industry to produce new products that could meet the rise in demand from consumers, which, in turn, fuels the overall collagen market. International trade of these products has gained prominence with their increasing demand, complemented by improved transportation facilities.

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Collagen is combined with other ingredients in various healthy products due to its various chemical and nutritional properties. Collagen peptides, due to their high binding properties, are used as a partial glucose replacer in protein bars. Collagen is also consumed in powder form, added to hot beverages, smoothies, or baked goods, to provide extra protein.

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Gelatin is widely used in foods to improve elasticity, consistency, and stability. Gelatin is used to make gelatinous desserts, gummy candies, many yogurts, and some marshmallows. is also added to certain meats to prevent them from drying out and giving them an attractive glaze. By acting as a coagulant, gelatin can be used to precipitate impurities during the manufacturing of wine, beer, cider, and juices. In dairy products, gelatin is often added to low-fat dairy products to provide the sensation of eating fat.

Key players in this market include GELITA AG (Germany), NITTA GELATIN, INC. (US), Weishardt Group (France), Darling Ingredients Inc. (US), Nippi Collagen NA Inc. (Japan), Vinh Hoan Corporation (Vietnam), Junca Gelatines SL (Spain), Lapi Gelatine Spa (Italy), Gelnex ( Brazil), Vital Proteins LLC. (US).

The key players are fixed upon improving their market shares, while their newer start-ups are being established rapidly in the market. The collagen market can be classified as a competitive market as it has the presence of many organized players, accounting for a major part of the market share, present at the global level, as well as unorganized players present at the local level in several countries. There are numerous existing and emerging companies, particularly in the Asian markets.

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  • Average Selling Price (ASP) trends, case study, Porter’s five forces analysis, trade data and updated regulations, the share of top market players, and Market Quadrants (MQ) of established players and start-ups have also been updated in the latest version of the report.
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  • The new edition of the report also provides insights on the impact of the COVID-19 on the collagen market, along with its effect on markets in different regions. The post-COVID impact is analyzed in three different scenarios: optimistic, realistic, and pessimistic.
  • In the new edition of the report, additional five companies, including Chaitanya Chemicals (India), Vital Proteins (US), Aspen Naturals (US), KAYOS (India), BIOCELL TECHNOLOGY (US), were profiled.
  • The latest version of the report includes updated financials, recent developments, product offerings, and COVID-19 related developments of different players operating in the collagen market.

Asia Pacific’s growth is attributed to the increasing demand for products that offer health benefits. Moreover, growing aging population in various countries such as China and Japan are anticipated to drive the demand for supplements containing collagens as they help in joint pain. Collagen is used in food items, beverages, and dietary supplements to extend the shelf life as well as to maintain the texture and nutritive value of the final product.

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