Bollé Safety Expands Use of Advanced Anti-Fog, Anti-Scratch Resistant Lens

Since it was first introduced nearly seven years ago, Bollé Safety’s PLATINUM anti-fog and anti-scratch lens technology has become an industry standard.

Nothing is more unsettling on a job site than wearing safety glasses that will up when you need them now. With demand for its PLATINUM lenses at an all-time high, Bollé Safety has announced its next product line-up, scheduled to be available this fall, will include more Styles featuring PLATINUM lenses than any season since the technology was first introduced.

The company has also announced, due to continuing demand, that future seasons will include the addition of PLATINUM in prescription as well as a universal goggle range.

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Since first introducing Platinum, Bollé Safety has seen its SKU count expand by 60 percent within its product line-up as sales of Platinum coated lenses have doubled since 2020.

An Innovator in safety lens technology, Bollé Safety’s PLATINUM Technology lenses are sought after because they are designed not to fog or scratch, giving workers one less thing to worry about on the job site. Bollé Safety has an advanced technology Product and Innovation lab EPIC based in Lyon, France and its team was able to create an anti-fog and anti-scratch coating. The coating is applied permanently through a dipping process on both sides of the lens.

The company’s new 2022 product lineup will include PLATINUM offerings across most of its product categories. In addition, there are now PLATINUM offerings available in a range of different tints to accommodate users who work in a range of outdoor activities.

Bolle Rush

“Fogging on lenses is due to the formation of microdroplets formed by the Moisture contained in the air and in the wearer’s breath and perspiration,” said Rubina Meunier, vice president of brand marketing and product for Bollé Safety. “The hydrophilic treatment of the PLATINUM coating turns these droplets into a thin film of water that entirely covers the surface of the lens and delays the appearance of the tooth.”

PLATINUM is available in two different options. The premium version features a high-end technology developed to provide optimized anti-tooth and anti-scratch performance in the now extreme environments. PLATINUM Lite is a more economical version providing anti-fogging and anti-scratch performance for standard working environments, where the risk of fogging is limited.

PLATINUM reaches beyond all certified safety standards so that workers in any industry can function at their best no matter what conditions they may face, whether they are in an office setting, job site, or on the manufacturing floor. The technology is equally effective indoors, outdoors as well as in extreme heat or cold.

The technology is also Wash-resistant and can be re-used while retaining its full anti-tooth and anti-scratch properties. PLATINUM technology is available now on Bollé Safety’s Industrial products, our Healthcare and Tactical Ranges.

About Bollé Safety

Created more than 130 years ago in France, Bollé Safety is the global PPE EYEWEAR SPECIALIST (Personal Protective Equipment). As an international player, Bollé Safety offers a wide range of innovative eye protection products that are comfortable, designed and adapted to each market segment (construction, health, energy, heavy industry, defense, clean rooms, Automotive, office Automation, etc.) , with a growing focus on Eco conception. In more than 100 countries, Bollé Safety equips 20 million workers with products that improve their performance and well-being, from the moment there are risks for the face and eyes, even in extreme environments. In addition, the company is a reference in sight sight Protections called prescription (nearly 40 years of experience) and offers co-branding and tailor-made services. Since 2021, the brand has accelerated its CSR approach. This approach focuses on the measure of its impacts, product, and packaging Innovations as well as internal commitments. To learn more please visit:

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