Benefits Of Fruits For Skin And Best Fruit Enriched Skincare Products Available In India

Fruits provide a range of benefits that you can enjoy not just by incorporating them into your diet, but also by applying them topically. A number of fruit-enriched skincare products are popular, as their extracts help make the skin healthy and glowing.


How do fruits benefit the skin?

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Fruits are packed with antioxidants and essential vitamins that help the skin fight free radicals that cause a host of skincare concerns, including signs of aging and pigmentation amongst others. Each fruit has different properties that keep the skin looking healthy and fresh.

Whether you consume them through your diet or apply them topically, you can reap their benefits to improve your overall skin health.

Best tropical fruits with long-lasting benefits for the skin

Best tropical fruits that benefit the skin
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pine apple: This fruit contains bromelain, an enzyme rich in anti-inflammatory properties. It’s also packed with vitamin C and antioxidants to repair cellular damage and leave the skin soft, supple and healthy.

lychees: Another powerhouse of antioxidants, lychees slow down skin-aging, and a daily dose of it will give you a fresh, youthful appearance.

Watermelon: Owing to their high water content, watermelons ensure your skin stays super hydrated and moisturised. It also has vitamins A, B6 and C to even out the skin tone and prevent acnes.

coconut: Coconuts are also a great source of hydration that work best on dry, damaged skin.

pomegranates: This helps to treat premature skin-aging and repairs sun damaged cells. Pomegranate is also a great natural exfoliant to revive and restore the skin.

Fruit-infused skincare products to try for healthy, clear skin

Because of their numerous skin-improving properties, fruits are one of the most common ingredients for skincare, as most products are formulated with fruit extracts.

1. Tvachamrit Glow Up Toner, INR 1,200

Tvachamrit Glow Up Toner Fruit-enriched skincare products
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The handcrafted formula of this natural elixir contains a blend of grapefruit and sweet lime to boost up your skin’s glow level. You can use it either as a toner or refreshing facial mist. It can be applied on both the skin and the body.

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2. Aqualogica Glow+ Smoothie Face Wash, INR 299

Fruit-enriched skincare products
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It is a face wash infused with the goodness of papaya extracts to slough away dead skin cells, brighten the skin and improve its texture. It deeply cleanses the skin without drying it out, thanks to the hyaluronic acid in its formulation. It’s suitable for most skin types.

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3. La Mior Intense Glow Watermelon & Cherry Moisturizer, INR 695

Fruit-enriched skincare products
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With watermelon and cherry as its hero ingredients, this lightweight moisturizer adds intense hydration to the skin to give it a dewy and glowy complexion. The natural fruit acids also help unveil a brighter-looking skin.

4. AMINU AHA Body Wash, INR 1,650

Fruit-enriched skincare products
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The skin on your face is not the only place where you can reap the benefits of fruits. This body wash from AMINU consists of natural fruit AHAs to remove impurities, brighten up the complexion and hydrate the skin on your body.

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Which of these fruit-infused products are you going to try this summer?

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