Bausch + Lomb Announces the US Launch of Revive ™ Custom Soft Contact Lenses

“Using our proprietary technologies for spherical, multifocal, toric and multifocal toric lenses, Revive ™ custom soft lenses will allow eye care professionals to use one customizable soft contact lens for a broad patient population,” said Joe Gordon, President, Global Consumer, Surgical and Vision Care, Bausch + Lomb. “Revive ™ custom soft lenses represent the combination of innovative contact lens features and technologies from across our comprehensive contact lens portfolio. This is just one example of our ongoing commitment to developing eye care technologies that meet the needs of patients.”

Revive ™ custom soft lenses are made with a non-ionic material allowing the lenses to be worn daily for up to three months. They are also available for frequent or planned replacement modalities, which provides eye care professionals with the flexibility to prescribe the most appropriate modality for each patient.

“Many patients with unique vision needs, including high myopes, high astigmatism, high hyperopes, demanding presbyopes and patients with small and large pupils, are traditionally challenging to fit successfully into contact lenses,” said Susan ResnickOD, New York. “The availability of revive lenses allows eye care professionals to offer patients a new lens that goes beyond standard parameters and can be customized to meet their individual vision needs.”

In addition, eye care professionals who offer Revive ™ lenses can take advantage of Bausch + Lomb’s 120-day EZ-Exchange which program, which allows any lens to be exchanged at no charge to ensure the best possible patient fit. The company also provides expert Consultants and in-person or virtual training sessions for specialty fitting support.

Visit for important safety information for Revive ™ custom lenses, as well as product details and full parameters.

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