An egg a day helps lower risk of heart disease, according to This Morning expert

An expert doctor on This Morning has shared research on ITV’s This Morning that says eating one egg a day could help us lower the risk of developing heart disease

Some research suggests eating eggs coiled be good for loweing cholesterol

How much egg you eat can have a positive impact on the chances of you getting heart disease, according to experts.

Dr Sara Kayat shared some advice based on research on ITV’s This Morning and said that eggs have been “controversial” as a food in the past.

She said: “Eggs have been one of those things that have kind of gone up and down.”

The doctor then explained that eggs may actually be good for lowering cholesterol, the driver behind heart disease in people around the world.

The NHS said that more than two in five people have high cholesterol in the UK and this puts them “at significant risk of developing heart disease”.

So should you eat more eggs and if so, why?

Should I eat eggs?

There doesn’t seem to be any reason why you can’t eat eggs in moderation


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There is a great deal of debate among experts about how much of certain foods we should eat, including eggs – but some research indicates it could be good for lowering your chances of heart disease.

The TV doctor said: “One minute, we’re being told that they are horrendous. Now, we know that actually yes they are full of cholesterol but good cholesterol – the kind that clears the bad cholesterol.”

Eggs are said to help clear so-called ‘bad cholesterol’ because they have something called a “high-density lipoprotein” (HDL). These essentially help get rid of cholesterol from your blood and help to protect your heart from disease.

The research said that those who ate less eggs had lower amounts of HDL in their blood, although it should be noted several other factors also contribute to heart disease and there is no guarantee an egg a day will lower your chances of it.

Dr Kaya continued: “A study done in Peking University showed that it increases the amount of healthy building blocks for healthy cholesterol and boosts metabolism and improves your healthy proteins.

“Therefore, these things put together can reduce your risk of cardiovascular disease.”

How should I eat egg?

Eggs can be eaten in a variety of ways, but frying them may not be best for you


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Eating egg in the most healthy way also depends on how you prepare them, and expert advice suggests avoiding frying.

Dr Kaya said: “I suspect if you’re having it heavily fried then it might contribute to some of the negative effects of it.”

Fried foods are more likely to be fatty and so it may not actually help your cholesterol this way. Every person is different and reacts to foods differently, but you may want to consider poaching or boiling the egg instead.

Both the yolk and white contain healthy benefits, although moderation is key.

The author of the study, Canqing Yu, did stress that more research needed to be done into the relationship between egg consumption and heart disease.

She noted: “Together, our results provide a potential explanation for how eating a moderate amount of eggs can help protect against heart disease.

“More studies are needed to verify the causal roles that lipid metabolites play in the association between egg consumption and the risk of cardiovascular disease.”

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