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Standing Desks have revolutionized the personal and professional workspace by integrating the traditional approach toward working with a healthier counterpart.

MUMBAI, MAHARASHTRA, INDIA, June 6, 2022 / — Introduction

Standing Desks have revolutionized the personal and professional workspace by integrating the traditional approach toward working with a healthier counterpart. These products have shifted the fundamental orientation of working environments by allowing teams to take a convenient approach to their work that also benefits team members’ health in the long term.

Macro Trends:

Today, most teams are moving toward healthier habits and adopting Height Adjustable Desks for their daily use to mitigate the serious health-related risks posed by inactivity.

Problems associated with inactivity:

According to several published research studies, an entire host of health problems are directly linked to sitting ideally all day long. People who are quite conscious about their health and exercise most days can still face health risks if they sit and stay inactive for a long period of time.

It is quite evident that an inactive lifestyle not only restricts people from getting fresh outside air and interacting with nature but also seriously harms physical and mental health. Obesity, chronic heart disease, type 2 diabetes, depression, anxiety, and dementia are common diseases caused due to lack of physical activity. The risk of these serious health problems tends to increase with age. In fact, people with weaker immune systems are at greater risk and can fall severely ill for longer intervals specifically due to inactivity.

Severe health consequences are indeed alarming. This is the reason why sit stand desks are designed to promote frequent physical activity.

Why adjustable desks are a must have?

Adjustable desks not only make catching up on official emails and knocking out reports easy but also lowers the risk of serious heart disease, and obesity including back and neck pain.

What Sit Stand Desk does? It let teams work and collaborate while standing. With Sit Stand Desk, team members can sit and stand based on their convenience because the desk can be easily moved vertically.

Some sit-stand desks can move up and down with just a press of a button while others require manual input to move the desk. There are fixed standing desks as well that just stay at the ideal standing height.

Benefits backed by facts:

An Adjustable Desk can literally burn 88 calories an hour just by setting standing as a default position for work when compared to walking which burns 210 calories an hour.

Standing Desk can rectify the troubles caused by bad sitting posture. Lower back pain often is the result of sitting in a bad posture for long periods of time which eventually tightens body muscles and severely hurt the lower back region.

Thanks to sit-stand desks, the straight standing posture enables better blood circulation throughout the body and makes the brain experience less fatigue and tiredness.

On top of that, employees who prefer to use Height Adjustable Desk as their primary workstation tend to experience increased productivity levels on a regular basis when compared to their counterparts.

How to use the Height Adjustable Desk is the right way?

According to experts, the appropriate way to utilize an Adjustable Desk is to stand for a while, complete a task without interruption, sit, and then stand again to kickstart the next task. After standing for a while, sitting is important to feel relaxed and comfortable. Practicing it in a cyclical manner throughout the day is extremely beneficial for health.

Adjust the height and make sure that the body is perfectly aligned with the Standing Desk. Position the monitor or the computer display at eye level for convenience and a better working experience. After standing for long periods, sit for rest.

Jin Office Solution specializes in creating ergonomic products for offices and homes. The Height Adjustable Desk and tables are designed to improve productivity at work and reduce the health issues caused by the elongated working hours.

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