Ace Vision Group Appoints Elizabeth Yeu, MD, as Chief Strategic Advisor

As an accomplished and well-respected surgeon, researcher, and educator, Yeu has contributed greatly to the field of ophthalmology throughout her more than 20-year career. Yeu is an avid proponent of novel technologies and disruptive therapeutics that improve the current standard of care for patients. She is recognized and sought after as an industry leader in clinical care and new product development in the ophthalmic surgical and therapeutics spaces.

“I am excited to begin working with AVG in this capacity. I have closely followed the ongoing development of the Laser Scleral Microporation® (LSM) technology which began with restoring the loss of dynamic range of focus (DRoF) related to the manifestation of presbyopia , “said the newly appointed Chief Strategic Advisor, Yeu. “I have been impressed by the detailed science behind the VisioLite® technology and the clinical results of the multiple LSM studies. The sustainability of the results of each, as well as the consistent reproducible clinical results seen from patient to patient are noteworthy. I am looking forward to serving in this role with AnnMarie Hipsley, DPT, Ph.D. and the AVG executive management team. “

AVG is a privately held US ophthalmic medical device company developing Laser Microporation Therapeutic technologies to treat diseases of the aging eye. The LSM technology is a minimally invasive rejuvenation procedure for the treatment of presbyopia, glaucoma, and other eye diseases. Currently, AVG is preparing for the commercialization of its VisioLite ophthalmic laser system, offering an innovative, first-in-class touchless laser technology.

In addition to her clinical practice at Virginia Eye Consultants, Yeu serves on the board of directors for STAAR Surgical, Avellino Lab U.S., OSRX Pharmaceuticals, and the Virginia Eye Foundation. She also serves as Chief Medical Advisor for Tarsus Pharmaceuticals and executive board member of CVP Physicians, Mid-Atlantic.

Yeu earned her bachelor’s degree in science and completed her MD through an accelerated academic program at the University of Florida, Gainesville, and the UF College of Medicine. She completed her Ophthalmology Residency at Rush University Medical Center in Chicago, Illinois where she served as chief Resident. Yeu then went to the Cullen Eye Institute, Baylor College of Medicine in Houston, Texas to complete her Fellowship in cornea, anterior segment and refractive surgery where she was as Assistant Professor. In 2013, Yeu joined Virginia Eye Consultants and became a partner in 2014. She continues her commitment to Residency training in Ophthalmology as an Assistant Professor at the Eastern Virginia Medical School in Norfolk. She is also the medical director at the Virginia Surgery Center.

“At AVG, we are working diligently to pioneer a new area of ​​understanding the true biomechanical mechanisms that underly the loss of DRoF which typically starts around the age of 40 and beyond,” said AnnMarie Hipsley, DPT, Ph.D., Founder and CEO of Ace Vision Group. “We have developed a touchless technology that is outside the visual axis to address the ocular rigidity caused by age-related crosslinking which manifests as the well-known symptoms of presbyopia. This contributes to progressive visual disability for one of the largest markets in the ophthalmic space. LSM is the first biomechanical solution to address the underlying cause of presbyopia pathogenesis, while also illuminating the potential ocular health benefits of accommodation recovery. “

Hipsley continued, “We are extremely fortunate to have Dr. Yeu join our team at this critical time as we translate our VisioLite laser system into the commercial pathway. Her expertise and guidance will be invalid as we make strategic decisions related to the treatment Paradigm platform in order to convert AVG’s new technology into clinical practice. “

About Ace Vision Group
Ace Vision Group, Inc. (AVG) is also privately held Delaware corporation, established in 2006 to develop laser-based Therapeutic technologies to address age-related eye dysfunction and Restore the eye’s natural biomechanical performance. AVG’s Laser Scleral Microporation or LSM, is the only Therapeutic eye laser treatment that restores visual function naturally without involving vision correction, artificial Implants or devices. The goal of AVG is to provide the field of ophthalmology with innovative devices, procedures and education for the treatment and delay of Onset of age-related ocular dysfunction, disability and disease. For more information about Ace Vision Group please visit

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