A Skincare Guide To Get Rid Of White Pimples or Milia

1. What Are White Pimples?
2. Causes Of White Pimples
3. How To Get Rid Of White Pimples or Milia
4. Cleansing
5. Steam
6. Exfoliating
7.Facial Scrub
8. Apply sunscreen
9. FAQs:


What Are White Pimples?

White pimples are tiny bumps on the surface of your skin, also called milia, which often arise in clusters on your nose, cheeks and chin. They occur due to skin flakes getting trapped under the surface of your skin or due to a keratin build- up A lot of infants develop milia after months of being born, but theirs gets resolved in no time without any intervention. In adolescents and adults, on the other hand, milia are way more chronic and take some effort to get rid of.

Common Causes of white Pimples or Milia Infographic

Causes Of White Pimples

What Are White Pimples or Milia?

The causes of milia on babies are unknown. Sometimes, it gets mistaken for baby acne which actually gets passed on through the mother. But, there is no reason to stress about this, as infants recover from milia in no time.

For adolescents and adults, the causes can range from anything between long-term sun damage, excessive use of steroid creams, skin resurfacing procedures like dermabrasion or laser resurfacing, blistering injuries or skin conditions like epidermolysis bullosa, cicatricial pemphigoid or porphyria cutanea tarda (PCT ).

The skin losing its inherent ability to exfoliate is another reason for milia to occur. Depending on the cause behind it, milia can be of two types: primary or secondary. Let’s find out the differences between the two.

Primary White Pimples

Primary white pimples usually crop up on the eyelids, forehead, cheeks and genitals, but fade away on their own in a few weeks or months, without the need for intervention.

Secondary White Pimples

Secondary white pimples arise when your skin has undergone some kind of damage – in the form of excessive exposure to the sun, overuse of steroid creams, blisters, burns, the likes. They require more serious care and attention and take longer to cure.

How To Get Rid Of White Pimples or Milia

Secondary milia cannot be cured unless you get them removed medically. If the white pimples on your face are impacting your appearance or are bothering you, you can consult a skin doctor who will, upon examining your skin, prescribe therapies such as the application of adapalene gel or tretinoin cream.

Some also suggest surgical options that involve poking a needle to puncture the milia and scoop the contents out, or cryotherapy, which involves freezing the skin. Some forms of milia can also be treated with an antibiotic called minocycline.

However, there are some skincare habits you can adopt to prevent milia from arising in the first place or to keep them from flaring up. Read on to know them…


Skin Care Solutions to Combat Milia


Cleansing to Get Rid of White Pimples

It is a must to cleanse your face twice a day for good skin health. Cleansing helps remove the dust, pollution and grime accumulated in the pores of your skin. Not only does it clean the epidermis, but also the dermis – the layer underlying your epidermis.

Only after having done this step should you proceed with your skincare routine. Otherwise, you will apply products on clogged skin, making your skin prone to breakouts and infections. Cleansing prevents milia by stopping the accumulation of skin flakes and keratin. Invest in a good cleanser sans chemicals.


Steaming to Get Rid of White Pimples

If your pores are unclogged and stubborn, steaming is an effective way to expand your pores and scoop out the dust and grime accumulated in them with the help of a cleanser. However, unlike cleansing, you shouldn’t steam your face every day. One a week or once in two weeks is more than enough.


Exfoliating to Get Rid of White Pimples

Exfoliating is an essential part of skincare, as it helps remove the dead skin cells clinging to the surface of your skin. Those who are exposed to a lot of dust and pollution should do it more often. If your face looks dull and tired, it’s a sign that it seriously needs exfoliation.

Facial Scrub

Facial peel to get rid of white pimples

A facial peel is used to enhance the texture and appearance of your skin. It’s a chemical solution that you apply to your face for the old skin cells to naturally disintegrate and peel off so that new skin cells can take their place.

Apply Sunscreen

Applying Sunscreen to Get Rid of White Pimples

Sun damage is one of the main causes of milia. As you grow older, your skin starts aging as well. It becomes less and less resistant to the harmful UV rays of the sun, leading to dark spots, fine lines, wrinkles and sagging. It’s indispensable, therefore, to apply sunscreen at all times during the day.


Q. What does it mean if your pimple is white?

A White pimples on your face can either can whiteheadswhich contain pus, or milia, which are tiny bumps on the surface of your skin caused by a buildup of skin flakes or keratin.

Q. Should I pop a whitehead?

A No, you should never pop a whitehead because it contains pus which can spread to the surrounding areas of your skin and give rise to infections.

Q. Should you pop pimples when they are white?

A You should never pop pimples. Period. White pimples, in particular, go away in a few weeks by themselves in most cases. Other times, you need to consult a skin doctor.

Q. Do white pimples go away?

A Primary white pimples go away by themselves in a few weeks, without the need for any intervention, except, of course, good skincare hygiene. Secondary white pimples – those that are more stubborn in nature – require medical attention.

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