A new book examines how (and whether) electronic devices can help

Another helpful element in your intuitive home skincare is home devices. There is a range of devices that you can use at home for when you need that much-needed boost but cannot make it out (or there is a lockdown – not an uncommon possibility these days).


LED masks

Home LED masks are great for treating acne, boosting collagen, and improving wound healing. They operate on the concept of low-level biostimulation, so they emit a low-level light to stimulate the skin. You must get one that is US FDA approved, because if the power of light is too much, you aren’t getting the benefit. It has to be a perfectly titrated power of light. Don’t risk your skin to save a few bucks. You don’t want burns, you want a glow.

LED hair helmets

The LED light results in biostimulation, which is also proven to increase hair growth. There are many brands available but ensure you buy US FDA approved. You really want to do this regularly for at least three to six months. It’s super convenient because you can watch Netflix or play with your kids while the helmet is on your head, and you will literally be preventing hair fall and boosting hair growth at the same time! It’s a safe and beneficial use of time. Whenever I have hair fall, I start popping iron and putting my LED hair helmet on. In one month, my scalp responds.

Gua Sha massage

It’s great for improved lymphatic drainage and can help your face look a bit firmer. Go for a Gua Sha that feels right for you (different crystals have different properties or energies but I am not an expert on crystals, so I leave that to your research and skin sense discretion). I recommend doing this a few times a week, but if you have rosacea, drop it to once a week.

Microcurrent devices

Using electric stimulation, these devices force the muscles to contract, resulting in improved facial appearance. They can help tighten your facial muscles to make your face look more toned. Buy a good one, and do it as per the instructions. I would recommend using it at least once a week if you can, because your face can really respond well to this facial muscle toning, and it’s great to do at home.

Non-essential devices to throw away

Much like skincare products, there has been a proliferation of skincare devices as well. While we talked about the ones we need, here are some popular ones that I don’t consider very useful and, certainly, not essential, even though they do work on occasion and are good to use once in a while. But some of these I want you to do a burning ceremony for.

Face rollers: These increase the efficacy of your skincare but by very little. There is no real benefit and a higher risk of irritation for your skin.

Ice globes/ice rollers: If you want a quick glow or want your face to look a little less red or inflamed, or your pores to be tighter for an hour, it’s fine. Long-term benefit is negligible.

Home exfoliating devices: This is not required and can cause excessive irritation if overdone. A normal scrub is enough.

Face massager: Don’t waste your time. It does nothing more than what a regular massage can do.

Throw these out for sure

Home derma-rollers or microneedling devices: Please don’t do this. You will give yourself scars that cannot be reversed. These should be done properly by medical professionals.

Home laser hair-removal devices: They don’t work. They don’t work. They don’t work. And there is a risk of burns, and of even increasing the hair growth in the area instead of reducing it. Please don’t do this. I beg you! That money could be spent way better on a wonderful anti-aging cream.

After reading all these tips, you must be thinking, “Okay, now I will do my skincare and use my home devices, but will that solve all my skin problems?” You know what, it will solve a lot of them. It will make your skin significantly healthier, brighter, stronger and way more resilient (it will also do the same for your bank balance).

Over time, you will also be able to prevent a lot of issues you otherwise may have faced earlier on, or issues that could have become terribly severe. If you want to test this, try treating one arm and leave the other arm untreated. Or do half and half of your neck (this might look weird, so you may want to stick to the arms). Watch the difference between the two areas over the next six months. That’s really all the proof you need!

Excepted with permission from SkinsenseKiran Sethi, HarperCollins India.


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