6 South Asian Skincare Brands We Wish to See in Indian Market

South Asian skin struggles are real. Here’s to the diaspora that has found its footing in the global beauty industry by introducing brands that are constantly pushing traditional Ayurvedic and South-Asian beauty secrets packaged with the benefits of modern technology and product innovation. With much-talked-about Prakti Beauty finally finding its way to India, here are six sought-after South-Asian-owned beauty brands we’d love to see in India.


South Asian Skincare Brands We Wish to See in Indian Market

1. Ranavat Botanics

Founded in 2017 by Michelle Ranavat who’s based in Los Angeles, Ranavat Botanics is inspired by ancient Indian beauty rituals. Made from using luxe ingredients like saffron, Himalayan lavender, damask rose, and aloe vera sourced from all over the world, Ranavat introduced the global beauty consumer to fragrant floral water, luxurious face elixirs, botanical oils, and high-performing face masks. With skincare, the brand also offers an indulgent range of hair care which made it to the social media’s viral product list too.

2. Aavrani

A ritual-inspired skincare brand, Aavrani is founded by Rooshy Roy, an Indian American who believes that beauty is a derivative of overall wellness and not an individual entity. Born and brought up in Michigan, Rooshy always found herself between being too Indian and too American and her brand celebrates the duality in her personality.

Aavrani offers a host of products targeting different skin concerns from pigmentation to fine lines and dark spots to dullness. While we all have whipped up a face mask in our kitchen, there’s nothing better than trying products that combine the efficacy of natural ingredients with modern beauty technology. Calling dibs on its Glow Activating exfoliator!

3. Sachi Skin

Tell us you grew up in an Indian family without telling us you grew up in an Indian family – my answer would be I know what triphala is! Growing up, if your grandmother didn’t school you on several thousand benefits of triphala, did you even spend time with her? And that’s exactly why Sachi Skin made it to this list. Sachi Skin’s one of the best-selling products that puts the brand on a must-try list of many beauty enthusiasts is Triphala Pigmentation Corrector which costs a whopping $120.

Founded by Farah Bashir, Sachi Skin was born out of her need for safe ingredients tailored to the sensitivities of skin of colour. With thoughtful formulations and ethically sourced ingredients, Aavrani caters to different skin tones and their needs.

4. Ambari Beauty

Almost all of us would understand the significance of that one facial all brides-to-be get before the D-day for that unmatched, blinding glow! Imagine packing the goodness of that facial in a bottle?

Introducing Ambari Beauty – founded by Nisha Grewal – it’s a Canada-based performance-driven skincare brand that blends ancient ingredients with modern innovation. Imagine an at-home facial combined with result-delivering ingredients packed in superior products. For those who hate to get their skin touched, how about trying a facial at home. untill

We wait for the brand to make its foray into the Indian market, call your fam and friends abroad to get you one of the brand’s bestsellers – Gold Perfection 22 Mask.

5. indē wild

Saved the best for last, indē wild is the brainchild of the global influencer, Diipa Büller-Khosla. The brand combines the Finest Ayurvedic superfoods with clean, active ingredients. Diipa launched the brand in the UK last year in October.

Coming from the talented influencer who understands the needs of skin of colour, surely we aren’t the only ones itching to get our hands on inde wild. From what we have heard, the brand offers powerful and skin-loving serums that tackle hyperpigmentation and provide an Ayurvedic alternative to retinol.

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