5 Surprising Benefits of a Standing Desk

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Sitting for lengthy periods is a common problem worldwide, with many of us participating in this inactive lifestyle with the help of sitting in our cars and binge-watching television. Team up this lifestyle with a nine to five job at a desk, and disaster is set to strike.

A standing desk enables you to stand up while executing your daily tasks, like working on a computer. Numerous iterations of sit-stand desks are adjustable, enabling you to switch between the two uses of the desk freely. Here are some of the benefits of a sit-stand desk:


Improves productivity

Sit stand desks are ergonomically designed for efficiency and comfort in the workplace. Discomfort negatively impacts productivity in the workplace. Research conducted by the British Medical Journal shows trials involving 146 NHS workers who swapped their standard desks for sit-stand desks. The study showed that workers who switched their desks were more engaged and had minor musculoskeletal issues.

Reduces your risk of obesity and weight gain

Weight gain is associated with the intake of more calories than your body can burn in a day. Your body typically burns calories; however, exercise helps you burn even more calories in a day. Standing helps minimize weight gain and side effects such as backaches and fatigue.

Recused Neck and Backaches

If you’re used to sitting for long periods, you may have experienced back or neck pain. Sitting for lengthy periods can cause stress on your vertebrae and may lead to vertebrae disc damage. While gazing at a screen for a long time, you exhibit bad posture by slumping your back. Neck pains may be caused by positioning your screen in the wrong ergonomic position, forcing you to tilt your head constantly.

Improves Posture

You utilize more muscle mass standing than when seated. Standing helps you build up your core, foot, and ankle muscles. However, it would be best if you stood in the correct posture for the above to be beneficial. Taking your time to stand while working only to slump isn’t helpful.

Integrating standing into your day-to-day schedule might take time to get accustomed to, so if you are battling with this, gradually increase the time you stand rather than opting for long periods from the start.

To Improve Circulation

Standing develops your leg muscles, core strength, and balance. Standing also prevents the formation of blood clots in the legs. When you sit for long periods at work, blood might slow and pool in your limbs, resulting in blood clot formation. Sedentary individuals are more susceptible to cardiovascular complications caused by the development of blood clots in their limbs.

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Standing improves your overall mental, metabolic and physical health. Using sit-stand desks is an incredible alternative to standard desks that brings in more physical activity into your routine. If you intend to start utilizing a standing desk, it is recommended to divide the time between sitting and standing equally. The benefits mentioned above may not be the only ones you find as you try out this new way of life.

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